Few Peeks at My Day

Some of you are gonna read this post and have these thoughts…

and others are gonna feel this way {because you’ve let me know you feel this way}.
So I apologize in advance.  I’m a “9”, a peacemaker, and would never want to do something to offend anyone but when I share a day in the life over on Instagram I typically get a lot of questions about things.  A blog post is a good way to answer some of those {especially the ones that are the same}, I try to make these more detailed, and some of you don’t have Instagram so you’ve asked specifically.  Needless to say, I’m sharing peeks of my Monday.  #pleasedontbemad

And just to be clear the reason I like doing those on Insta Stories is for the questions!  I love the interaction with you guys and really appreciate you taking time out of your day to comment and follow along!

This was my Monday…
5:00 a.m.-Up and at ’em.
I had my quiet time, drank my coffee, got some work done, and got in a workout.  What’s that saying about not missing a Monday?  I can apply it to so much of my life.  Starting Monday out the right way just makes my week better.

5:30 a.m.-Quiet Time

8:15 a.m.-I took the boys to school, Ebby Lee carpooled, and then I drove Britt to speech in the next town over.  While she was working, I ran through the Starbucks drive thru to grab breakfast.  The bacon egg bites are my breakfast of choice. 

9:30 a.m.-Britt finished, I dropped her off at preschool, and made a grocery Trader Joe’s run.
10:00 a.m.-Grabbed groceries, emptied the dishwasher, started laundry, finished getting ready, had lunch, and did a quick clean up.

11:30 a.m.-Picked up another kid for speech.  This one is much closer to our house/school.

12:45 a.m.-Snacked on a spoonful of that edible cookie dough.  SO GOOD!  And then worked on my computer.

1:45 p.m.-About to head out to grab Britt.  This is my sweater and it’s on sale now!  EEEK!  Jeans are on sale too!

2:30 p.m.-First pickup of the day complete by grabbing this cutie!

3:30 p.m.-Got Nixon from school, Bowen was playing at a friends’ house, and had dinner going in the slow cooker.  Chicken Tortilla Soup was on the menu!

3:45 p.m.-Nix, Britty, and I waited on our last round of carpool for the day.

5:00 p.m.-Grabbed Bowen and then took Nixon to his football practice.  {Have I mentioned Tab was out of town? 😩  Right about two minutes before we arrived at the field, it started raining.  Apparently football happens in rain or shine {I’m used to baseball practice being cancelled}.  Since it was raining, the three of us decided to stay in the car during practice.  These two watched a movie on the little screen.  At one point Bowen turned the heat up which caused me to fall asleep!  Meanwhile Ebby Lee was at two different activities and Shay saved the day by feeding her dinner when Tab’s flight got delayed.

7:00 p.m.-Look who made it home!!  WAHOO!!  Fed my people dinner and got in bed at 9:15 because mama was TIRED!

Thanks for following along {again for some of you}!!  I hope you have the best Thursday!  By the way, Happy Birthday, Marla!  I’m throwing Marla’s birthday party tomorrow night!  WISH ME LUCK!  I’m gonna need it!

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  1. 9.24.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Your day in the life posts are my favorite!!! Thanks for giving us a look into your daily life! Have a great Thursday!!

  2. 9.24.20
    Robin said:

    I love this post – sorry it caused anxiety (fellow 9 here 😊). I grabbed that pumpkin brioche at Trader Joe’s this week – can’t wait to make French toast with it this weekend!!

  3. 9.24.20
    Amy Heinl said:

    Glad you got a little snooze in the car during football practice. What a busy day and you do it with such grace and humility

  4. 9.24.20
    Trish said:

    Love day in the life posts! Also, I don’t envy you trying to throw a party that competes with Marla’s! She is the party queen! Good luck!!

  5. 9.24.20
    Kelly said:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing (I was inspired by your post and snagged several of the fall items at trader joes, too!)

    Ignore the cranky people- your posts are always delightful!

  6. 9.24.20
    Taylor said:

    Oh my gosh seriously GOOD LUCK throwing a bday party for the party extraordinare herself!

  7. 9.24.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    Can't wait to see how you celebrated Marla's birthday… big shoes to fill but YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  8. 9.24.20
    Unknown said:

    As an enneagram 9 myself, I feel like you are holding all these things together beautifully!! Sure do love seeing your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 9.25.20
    Joanne said:

    I love day in the life posts and never think to do them myself.

  10. 9.25.20
    Kristen said:

    Your posts make me 😊! I love reading your posts. Don’t worry about those grumpy people!! Can’t wait to see how the party turns out! 😊

  11. 9.25.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I always love following along on insta!