Tuesday Talk-FALL Finds from Trader Joe’s

 Happy official first day of FALL!

I mentioned this yesterday but Texas has gotten the memo  and the weather has been cooperating very nicely the last few days. 

It basically means I’m not sweating as much as I normally do when I decide it’s fall and I’m dressing like it.

Fancy Ashley and I are Tuesday Talking.  Today, we’re talking a little bit of FALL!  

Speaking of fall, no one does fall quite like Trader Joe’s.  Trader Joe’s is known for “falling” hard.

Here’s a little more proof…

As I walked the aisles I found myself adding as many pumpkin and leaf shaped things I could find.  I mean-aren’t those fall leaf tortilla chips cute?  We had those with our chicken tortilla soup last night and I’m certain the meal was better because of them.  πŸ˜‰  

I grabbed  pumpkin brioche twist bread, pumpkin bread mix, fall leaf chips, pumpkin {my local store has been out of this the last two weeks}, Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce, three different kinds of fall theme cookies, and pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal mix.

To be honest, most of these items are new to us but this leads me to my question…Trader Joe’s shoppers, what’s your FAVORITE fall item?

Do you have a must-have, go to when fall arrives at Trader Joe’s?  If so, PLEASE SHARE!  I like shopping at Trader Joe’s but I’m far from an expert especially when it comes to seasonal shopping.  Is there any fall item I should purchase on my next trip?

I’m the most excited about the pumpkin brioche bread!!  I’ll keep you posted on that for sure!

And if the temperatures start rising again, I’ve already decided my plan is to just go hang out in Trader Joe’s.  It’s feel so FALL in there I won’t even mind if the temps outside are in the upper 80’s.


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  1. 9.22.20
    Lauren D said:

    The Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce!! I usually stock up during fall because we like it in the winter too. Grab a few extra jars the next time you go! And the autumn harvest salsa is really good too. 😊

  2. 9.22.20
    R's Rue said:

    Narci posted some apple cider doughnuts I want. Heading to TJ’s soon.

  3. 9.22.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So many fun fall treats!!! I love apple cider in the falll!

  4. 9.22.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm going today and I'm so excited to see all of the Fall goodies!!! That pumpkin brioche bread looks DELISH!

  5. 9.22.20
    Sherry Kenney said:

    We love the gluten free pumpkin bread mix! It’s so good with some mini chocolate chips added to the mix! Happy Fall!!

  6. 9.22.20
    Preppy Empty Nester said:

    Yummy Fall ideas!! Thank you so much for hosting.

  7. 9.22.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Their g-free pumpkin bread mix is really good!!

  8. 9.22.20
    Jennie said:

    Yum – I bet that bread would make an amazing French toast! Need to make a TJ's run!

  9. 9.22.20
    angie said:

    This summer I loved the watermelon spread, so I picked up 3 or 4 jars (I can't remember) of fall spreads. One is something like cinnamon bun. I was holding out for cooler weather to open them up as Houston has still felt like watermelon was appropriate. But, today is 70's (in midst of TS Beta), I have fall candle burning, and I think it's about time to break out one of the new TJ spreads!

  10. 9.22.20
    Megan said:

    I love the autumn harvest pasta sauce! So good! I used it last weekend to make autumn lasagna with spaghetti squash as the pasta layer, ground turkey, mushrooms and basil, and the autumn harvest sauce as another layer, and cottage cheese, egg, and shredded mozzarella as the cheese layer. The fun thing is that when you layer it, it's candy corn colored.

  11. 9.22.20
    Unknown said:

    I just grabbed the Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps from TJs for the first time…they are so yummy!! The pumpkin brioche looks amazing!

  12. 9.22.20
    Joanne said:

    That bread sounds amazing!!

  13. 9.23.20
    Janet said:

    I went to Trader Joe's over the weekend and stocked up on fall items as well. One we always get and absolutely love is pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese. Soooo good! Also, my grandsons love the pumpkin flavored "O's." I have never purchased something "fall" like from there and disliked it!


  14. 9.23.20
    Mary Jane said:

    I probably buy at least 10 boxes of that pumpkin bread and muffin mix each year. I'll bake it for home, church, our football mamas get-togethers, anywhere I have to bring food! People always want the "recipe"!! ha!