Tuesday’s Top Three-Fall Decor

 Welcome to A Little Bit of Everything! 

My little family blog just got a face lift from the fabulous
Andrea at Slightly Askew Designs.  She’s
fabulous and hands-down the most creative person I know. She also has a really fun family blog!

I’ve been blogging for about 5 or 6 years.  I usually blog about my kiddos and our
day-to-day life.  I love that my family
in Missouri can keep up with what we’re doing, so it’s great!  But…I decided a couple weeks ago to change it
up a little.  I’ll still be blogging
about what we’re doing as a family and our life, but I’m going to throw in some
fun mommy stuff. 

We just moved into a new house, so I thought it’d be fun to
blog about the new house (when a room is FINALLY finished). 

I love reading blogs that have fun holiday traditions.  I hope to document a little more of what goes
on around our house at holiday times.

I love shopping!  So…I’m
also hoping to blog a little about fashion. 
My favorite people to dress are my kiddos so I want to share some
fashion for the kiddos as well. 

Basically, it’ll be “A Little Bit of Everything”…

I’m starting a series!  (Let’s hope I remember…ha!) 
Every week I’ll highlight my Top Three of something…top three nail polishes, top three devotional books, top three Halloween costumes, and the list goes on…

This week I’m highlighting my Top Three fall decorations…

A couple weeks ago, Shay told me she was decorating her
house for fall.  I was envious!!  I feel like fall stuff is so calming…the
colors, the scents, just everything about it!! 
So…I quickly thought about what I was doing the next week or two and
came up with a day to decorate as well. 

If you’re visiting from Shay’s blog, thanks so much for
stopping by!!  Shay is practically the sister I never had. I am so thankful for our friendship!!  I spend approximately 3/5 week days with
her.  Our kiddos LOVE each other like
siblings.  We always have so much fun…whether
it’s at Chick-Fil-A, the pool, the park, or the mall…no matter what we’re
doing.  The Shulls hold such a special place in
my heart.  
 Welcome to the new house!!  (Wonder how long we’ll live here before we stop calling it that??) 

#1 Fall Decoration…PUMPKINS (this is probably a given…sorry) They’re all throughout my house.  They carry you all the way from September up until the end of November.  Love pumpkins!

One of the first purchases I made for the new house was this white bench.  I found it in Canton, TX.  If you’re local…you HAVE to check that place out.  So many treasures, so little time!!  I love the bench and I can’t wait to change it up with different pillows for different holidays/seasons.  I made the wreath.  I might get crazy and do a little DIY post on that.  We’ll see. 🙂  I added a couple more touches of orange (the bucket under the fern), the pumpkin, and the pillows.  I love Halloween, but I don’t do a lot of decorating for it.  Mostly I use “fall” decorations that can be put up in September and taken down in November.  I will have to take a couple things down…but only a couple.  

 On the entryway table, a little iron pumpkin.  Forgive me…the orange candle did NOT make the move.  I forgot to get one to put in there.  I’ll have to pick one up this week.  
#2 SIGNS/PRINTABLES…I’m loving all those printables on Pinterest.  I got lucky and have found a couple signs at random stores.  I JUST e-mailed a lady about making a printable into a sign.  Shay has one and every time I see it I WANT ONE!!  So..I’m making it happen this year!
The buffet in our dining room…I added a couple golden pumpkins and a pumpkin sign.
 Just keepin’ it real…the lamp shade didn’t make the move either. ha!  
 #3 GARLAND…there are SO many different kinds of garland.  My friend, Whitney, literally went out and cut branches off trees in her backyard one year to make garland and it looked so good.  No matter what look or style you’re going for, you can find a garland that will look great!

Our fall mantle

Sidenote:  Let me just say that I’m going to be doing before/after posts of each room.  We still have LOTS of work to do at the new house but we’ve come so far!!  The house was built in 1992 and other than a few (very few) things it had not been updated.  We’ve come a long way in 2 months, but we have a long way to go.  That’s why there’s nothing “big” on the wall up there.  I’m in the process of ordering a canvas.

 Some pumpkin touches around the room.
 As I was snapping pictures, this smell was happening.  Heaven!!  I love pumpkin, but I believe September is all about the scent of apples.  LOVE it!!  
 I saw this “Trick or Treat” sign at Ross.  I thought it was super cute.  

 A random little fun in the front bathroom.  

Thanks so much for visiting!!  Hope you got an idea or two for decorating your house.  If you blog and have posted your fall decor, please leave a comment with your blog.  I’d love to check them out and get some new ideas.  Thank you!!

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  1. 9.10.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am in love with your new blog design! Andrea did a fabulous job (as always!). And you are the sister I never had…except I like you a lot and I bet you would share your clothes with me without throwing a fit and tattling to our mom. You're like the best version of a sister I could have :). Thanks for showing us inside your fall house! XOXO

  2. 9.10.13
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    So SO cute! And I hadn't seen the pillows on the front bench yet, but they look fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Also, so excited for you to be staring this new blog venture. People are going to love taking a peak into your life, seeing your cute family, and hearing all of what you have to say. Love you friend!

  3. 9.10.13
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    LOVE reading about your "hot random mess" 🙂 I can'e believe I still haven't seen your house in person… I'm OBSESSED with your bench… so cute!!!

  4. 9.10.13
    Tara G. said:

    I got the apple pumpkin candle from B&B Works and it was delicious! Your house looks cozy…decor is just an accessory to the hearts inside.

  5. 9.10.13
    Alice said:

    Love your decorations! Your bench is adorable. I`m a little late putting my decorations up. My brother-in-law just got married. And we`re trying to recover from a week, at a Ranch. But I`m hoping to get mine up this week! My husband has been adding some stuff outside, for me. 🙂

  6. 9.10.13
    jen said:

    I'm visiting from Shay….I LOVE your fall decor, your blog, your home…so elegant and yet cozy! I love the new series. Can't wait!!! Hugs…. Jenny; a new reader for sure 😉

  7. 9.10.13
    Rachel Zimm said:

    Pretty new blog design!
    Your new house is beautiful!
    I love the entryway, especially the white bench.
    I want one of those sparkly pumpkins as well!
    I just moved into my first house (although rental), and I'm excited to start decorating it for the seasons!

  8. 9.10.13
    Babygirl said:

    Girl, I am totally with you. Fall means pumpkin decorations, but anything apple fragrance. Can't get enough apple fragrance at fall!

  9. 9.10.13
    Life in Bucklesberry said:

    Beautiful job decorating for fall. I love your Pumpkin sign!!

  10. 9.10.13
    Katherine said:

    Hopped over from Mix and Match Mama. I do the same thing with the apothecary jar – I think we may even have the same pumpkins from Better Homes & Garden via Walmart!

  11. 9.10.13
    Kari Maddox said:

    I love the glittery pumpkin! SPARKLY!

  12. 9.10.13
    Kara said:

    Love the new blog layout! So cute. I love all your fall decorations. The house looks great so far!

  13. 9.10.13
    Liz/ said:

    Over here from Shay's blog….boy all you friends have such cute blogs and families, love following all of you (Shay, Sheaffer, Andrea and now you…fun)!!!
    Your fall decor is so cute….in love with your white bench and pillows on the front porch!! I haven't decorated for fall yet but guess what I am doing this weekend??! Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, just love it!
    Excited to follow along with your blog and read about your absolutely adorable family!!!

  14. 9.10.13
    Unknown said:

    Hey Erika!

    I love love love your bench, and all of your furniture!! So right up my alley!!

    I'll be back to your blog soon…love it!!

  15. 9.10.13
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Visiting from Shay's blog…ok so you and Shay are pretty much forcing me to go to Hobby Lobby and buy every Fall item they have! 🙂 I have a super cute wreath up on my door that I made and a little on my mantle, but need to finish. Your house is gorgeous! I love your mantle. If you ever need decorating ideas for a "big" space, buy several of those $10 vertical mirrors at Target or Walmart and line them up side by side (I like to do an odd #). They look fancy…I always get comments on mine above my mantle. I sell printables on Etsy if you ever need anything custom made…have 4 Fall signs available currently! My shop is Joyful Art Designs (sorry I'm totally not trying to advertise, but couldn't help it when you mentioned printables) lol. Thanks for the post…great decor!

  16. 9.10.13
    Brianna said:

    I just love your fall decor! Not too drastic, but little touches here and there … just perfect! 🙂 Your house is gorgeous.

  17. 9.10.13
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Thanks so much for all the sweet comments!! I love fall too…almost as much as I love the cozy fall decor.:)

  18. 9.10.13
    Jaren said:

    Cute blog! I came over from Shay's blog. I adore that bench!!

  19. 9.11.13
    Linda said:

    Hi Erika! I'm Shay's oldest (in years) fan. Your new house and your decorations, (and your children!) are beautiful! My favorite thing is the "Our Nest" pillow on the gorgeous front porch bench. What a find!

  20. 9.11.13
    Cristin said:

    Visiting from Shay's blog. I also change my decor out often…about 11 times a year. Right now we are in Fall/Football mode. I have not posted pictures yet but I just love changing out my house and my 3 year old gets so excited at all the changes too.

  21. 9.11.13
    Sarah Smith said:

    I love your front entryway! So grand! And too funny that I came across your blog today- I wrote a blog post this evening on my favorite fall decorations in our new little apartment!! Can't wait to read more from you!

  22. 9.11.13
    Elaine Welte said:

    So glad you'll be blogging more! Can't wait to read. It's sort of pathetic that I think of y'alls little blog group as long lost friends. I love the pillow on your bench! It's adorable!!! And your mantle- gorgeous!

  23. 9.11.13
    Lori said:

    Excellent post, my friend! Even though I get to see you often in real life, I love reading your blog always!

  24. 9.11.13
    Jenny said:

    Love the wire pumpkin. Your house looks great! I'm determined now to get my house done today. 🙂

  25. 9.11.13
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Thanks again everyone!! So sweet!! I can't wait to check out all of your blogs as well!!

    Elaine-no, it's not crazy!! I just wrote on your blog that I wish we lived closer so we could hang out during football!! ha ha! I clearly feel the same way!

  26. 6.20.14
    Renae said:

    Your house looks great, love the fall decor.