A Little Catch Up…

 Thursday before school I took a couple pictures.  The first day of school gets so much love that I thought the second day needed a little too. 
 It’s only happened twice so far, but Bowen likes when the big kids are at school.  He has me all to himself! ha!
 Day 2
 She was DYING to pose in the first one and I held her off.  Don’t even know what this is about!!
 He was acting like a dog!  #keepinitreal
I STERNLY said that he had to stop acting like a dog for a picture and I got this!!
This weekend was our first “official” football weekend (since last weekend we joined the football trip).  We had a great one!!  On Friday night, we met lots of friends at Kid Mania.  It’s like a kid’s dream!  There is a HUGE play thing for kids, all kinds of junk food for dinner, and tables for the mamas to sit and chat!  We all had so much fun.  (Me AND the kids included!)  The kiddos and I did LOTS of decorating on Saturday.  We moved into our new house 2 months ago.  I ordered a new couch 2 days later and it JUST arrived this Saturday.  We were ALL so excited!!!  It’s FINALLY starting to look like a HOME!!
I’m doing a new post ALL about it tomorrow!!  Can’t wait!

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