Tuesday’s Top Three

Hey There, Friends!

How was your weekend?! I told you our plans all focused around those four NFL Playoff games. That’s exactly what we did. I did laundry, cleaned out my refrigerator, and other household chores in between game times. I’ve gotta be honest-I had jerseys on for three out of the four games and only one of those teams I was supporting actually walked away with the win. Basically what I’m saying is, you should send me a jersey of the team you don’t want to win. Odds are, that’ll seal the deal for your team going to the Super Bowl.

Years ago, I had a Tuesday series where I named my Top Three. Top Three hair products, Top Three make-ups musts, and so much more. Well, I’m bringing it back! {And please share if you have some Top Three topic ideas!}. Since it’s January and we’re all working on our best selves I’m kicking it off with my WORKOUT FAVES.

I’m by NO MEANS a fitness expert but I try to get some type of workout in five days a week. I’m just sharing some of my things that help get those workouts in each week.

#1 A PLAN!

Nothing stresses me out at the gym more than not having a plan. For years and years I was scared of the free weight section in our gym and I now know it’s because I had zero idea walking in what I should do. My very first workout favorite thing is having a plan. Whether it’s a Peloton ride, intense walk on the treadmill, or a workout program from home…having a plan for your workout will make it go so much smoother. These are a few I’ve tried over the years…

*Kayla Itsines workout {BBG}

*Beach Body on Demand


*Madeline Moves

Those are all good apps that worked well at one time or another for me. If you’re looking for a new program, check those out.

#2 Airpods

From podcasts to Prince to Reba McEntire, I listen to it all when working out. I just need something to take my mind off of what it is I’m doing at the moment. :).

What’s your FAVORITE playlist or FAVORITE song to listen to while you workout? Please SHARE! I’d love a new one! For the longest time I listened to Workout Hits Radio on Pandora. Now I’m onto something else and according to Google, Pandora’s most popular stations are Pop & Hip Hop Power Workout, Twerk {I don’t think I can do this one}, Rap Strength Training, and Dance Cardio. Just in case you need a little something new to listen to as well.

#3 Resistance Bands

We don’t have many weights in our house, but these bands take up hardly any space. I use them at the house if I ever do a little workout from home and even take them to the gym when I’m working on my legs. They’re my favorite little addition to a regular workout and just elevate it a tad.

We don’t have the space in our house for lots of free weights, but if I did…I’d be listing those as a favorite. 🙂

Okay, now it’s your turn! What’s your workout FAVES? Favorite workout playlist? AND, any topic ideas for another Tuesday’s Top Three?

Now I’m off to get to work and enjoy this rainy day from inside. Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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