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Yesterday on IG, I asked for questions for a blog post and I combed through them to grab the first seven that jumped out at me. Bear with me if I didn’t get to yours, I’ll try to answer a few in IG today as well.

I don’t know that in a family of six that you ever truly get a lot of one-on-one time with each kid, but any time I do whether it’s a drop off, pick up, or some random appointment in the middle of the day I take advantage. Also there are times when a kid is just wanting to talk so should that moment arise then I try to get us alone whether it’s on the patio or just a different space so they’re more apt to keep talking.

I got a couple questions about my workouts so I’m going to try to answer them all. I do a mix of strength and cardio but let me tell you-I’d much prefer a strength workout. I typically work out with Shay two mornings a week and we do a workout Andrew’s written out for us. They’re all strength workouts where we’re doing a mix of arms/legs/core. The other three days a week I usually do a Madeline Moves workout. I’ve shared that app before, but I love it! Definitely worth another share. She has a new upper body, lower body, back/chest or back/biceps, cardio, and then a full body workout that releases each week. I like not doing the same thing so it’s perfect for me. Sometimes I’ll do a Peloton ride {by the way-I LOVE the Reba ride. Country music fans, you need to do that one!} or even just walk/run outside as well.

I don’t always wake up early and work out immediately. Sometimes I go early and sometimes I go after I drop Britt off at preschool or even right before I’ve gotta pick her up. Of course sometimes I don’t feel it. And on those days I either push through, I might just all together skip, or I might change my plan. Instead of doing one cardio workout, I might go for a walk and listen to a great podcast. I’ll tell you the days I push through I’m so glad I did.

My laundry schedule is always a mess. I try to do two loads of laundry every week day because on the weekends I usually am not at home long enough to do an entire cycle. {Well, I’m speaking for the spring season. With both boys playing baseball we typically are out of the house early and get home later. }So if I do two loads Monday-Friday then I stay on top of it enough.

I can’t say that I’ve survived a kitchen remodel yet so I don’t know that I’m worthy to answer the question. ha! So far we’ve been eating lots of sandwiches, we’ve been grilling meat and having a veggie in the air fryer as well as a salad to balance it out, and then eating out. A friend just recommended a Blackstone grill {which is like a griddle} and I’m strongly considering getting one. If you have one, please let me know what’s your favorite thing to make on it! Thank you!

First of all, I must tell you that the fall and Tab being gone is SO MUCH EASIER now that my kids are older. When they were little, it was so hard. I made plans. That’s what got me through. I made plans with other friends who had husbands who worked and we’d do something fun to get out of the house or take turns hosting each other. It was so helpful! Now the kids and I are busy with fall sports most weekends. When we’re home, we watch football {we all have our favorites so trash talk is always involved}, we watch fall movies, we go out to eat, we hit up fall festivals. It’s nice to have some down time but my big suggestion would be to make plans…the park, the movies, the mall, whatever it is, make plans to get out of the house. That was key for me.

YAY!! I’m so excited to hear that! I’d recommend watching a movie as you blow up all the balloons. I think it took me about two hours to blow up all the balloons {that was the longest part} and then another hour to sew the balloons all together. If you missed the blog post, you can read it here. Also, I shared a video in my IG stories and will save them.

Okay, I had a few more in the line up and our internet is having issues, so I’m changing the title of “9 Questions” to “7 Questions”. ha! Hope you have a great day!


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  1. 5.5.22
    Sheaffer said:

    I’m still IN AWE of your balloon garland skils. I mean, GO. YOU.

    • 5.5.22
      Ashley said:

      We have a black stone and make fried rice, burgers, quesadillas, or breakfast. They are great.

  2. 5.5.22

    I’m still so impressed by the balloon garland!

  3. 5.5.22
    Robin said:

    You’ll be fine with the kitchen remodel! (Especially with your outdoor cooking area.) Our 2 month remodel turned into 6 months thanks to the pandemic supply shortage. We grilled, crockpot cooked, instant pot cooked, toaster oven, microwaved and family/friends fed us. We also used (outside, of course!) a small butane camping burner. It made us plan ahead and be less wasteful, as well. We meal prepped in the study and washed dishes in the bathroom sink. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the end result!

  4. 5.5.22
    Lovely said:

    The workout routine sounds fun. I will check out the app.

  5. 5.5.22
    Brianne said:

    We have an outdoor griddle! We LOVE it!! My husband will make breakfasts on it (eggs, pancakes, sausage/bacon so its all hot and ready to eat at the same time, we have cooked burgers and hot dogs with veggies and salmon and sides on it, and the kids love Hibachi nights just like the restaurant. It is just so easy to throw everything for a meal on the griddle and my kitchen stays clean!

    • 5.5.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I LOVE this!!

  6. 5.5.22
    Michelle said:

    We just bought a Blackstone and I love it!! So far, we have made breakfast with bacon, eggs and pancakes. For dinner, smash burgers, fajitas (chicken and veggies cook so well on there) and Greek chicken to make gyros etc. I have also cooked salmon and shrimp on there and they were both delish!! It cleans really easily too. I would highly recommend it!!

  7. 5.5.22
    Sandra Roberts said:

    We love the blackstone! You can make all kinds of breakfast foods, burgers, fajita meat, sauted veggies. It is handy to have and easy to clean!

  8. 5.5.22
    Lindsay said:

    YES on the griddle! We have one in our outdoor kitchen, and my hubby cooks on it all the time. Quesadillas, grilled cheese/ sandwiches, burgers, fajita meat, fish, stir fry, bacon, eggs, pancakes, omelets, and more. Hardly any cleanup.

  9. 5.5.22
    Marla said:

    How far in advance can you do the balloon garland? Yours was incredible

  10. 5.5.22
    Chelsie said:

    My husband recently bought us a Blackstone. I was hesitant at first not knowing if we would use it much. We use it ALL THE TIME! A few family favorites are breakfast for supper (pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage), skinny burgers, fried rice, veggie stir fry, philly sandwiches, and quesadillas. You can find some great ideas for grilling on a Blackstone on Pinterest.

  11. 5.5.22
    Ali Patterson said:

    We have a Blackstone and we love it! Go for it! Our kids say the meat tastes better on it, too. (I think that’s because they pretend we are at a Japanese Steakhouse lol)

  12. 5.5.22
    Kelsey said:

    We love our Blackstone! Burgers are our favorite, but breakfast scrambles are a close second! It’s easy to clean with water and we have a carrying case so it’s easy to store when not in use. Highly recommend!

  13. 5.5.22
    Ashley said:

    My Blackstone griddle is my all time favorite grill type item!!!! We love breakfast on it, smash burgers, veggies, chicken, hibachi, and fish. There isn’t anything I don’t like about it! Get one!

  14. 5.5.22
    Jenny said:

    We have a Blackstone and LOVE it! Breakfast of any kind is amazing on it. We also do fried rice, quesadillas, Buffalo chicken sliders, grilled pizza sandwiches (made like a grilled cheese) and French dips! Get one! You will love it!

  15. 5.5.22
    Elspeth said:

    I always love these fun question posts! Have a great day!

  16. 5.5.22
    Mindy said:

    Yes on the Blackstone!! We love it!! We’ve done breakfast on it, eggs, bacon, sausage all at once. Smash burgers, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, stirfry with veggies. LOVE!! And super easy to clean.

  17. 5.6.22
    Jan Fisher said:

    Madeline Moves is awesome! I’ve
    been doing her workouts for about
    a year and a half now! I’m anxious to see
    more of your remodel!!! So exciting!

  18. 5.9.22
    Leslie S said:

    Love our blackstone. In addition to typical “grill food” we do stir fry’s and pancakes!!