This isn’t how I envisioned my first blog post back from vacation to look.  I’m sure you can imagine the loss our travel business and industry have suffered the past week but we’re hopeful and optimistic about the future while feeling awful for all of our clients and others traveling who had to cancel, postpone, and modify spring break or early summer plans.

Shay and I have decided to postpone all of our fun, Hawaii recaps as well as a big travel giveaway we have in store.  We’ve decided we’ll make our original giveaway even bigger and better than we’d planned when the time is right to share it with you.  We absolutely love traveling with our families and want to be able to share that love with all of you.  In the meantime, we’ll be spending our week staying put at home while handling travel arrangements for all of our clients to ensure they’re all taken care of. 

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages last week while we were gone.  Many of you told me you were anxiously awaiting our light-hearted pictures during such a devastating time.  We truly appreciate all your love and support.  After taking time off work, planning, budgeting, and paying for a family vacation we really tried to be in the moment and embrace our time while being available to clients as well. 

I cannot say enough positive things about Norwegian Cruise Line during this complicated week.  The list of ways they went above and beyond to keep everyone healthy is extremely long.  Also a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing clients who are in the midst of having fun vacation plans quickly change all while being so gracious and understanding.

Next Monday, I hope to be back bringing some light, cheery encouragement.  My prayer is things are looking up for us all by then but either way, I’ll be here with some happy and I hope you’ll meet me here with some happy too.  {I don’t do well operating at other levels…happy is my preference.} 

Fancy Ashley and I are postponing our Tuesday Talk to next Tuesday, March 24th.  Shay and I are planning to skip Let’s Look and pick it back up again in April {on the 8th}.  This week my kids and I have major plans of cleaning, staying put, and working.  I promise to be back next week full of cheer!  Sending you lots of love this week!  Be safe, friends!

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  1. 3.16.20
    Unknown said:

    Loved following along on your trip on IG! Thank you for being so positive amiss this uncertainty. So sad for all the travel cancellations and changes for all. Grace and peace!

  2. 3.16.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Prayers for you as you hit the ground running with work! Love you, friend!

  3. 3.16.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    I thought of you and Shay all week.. I know you guys had a great trip but can't imagine the stress you were under too. glad you are all back safe!!! sending prayers your way!

  4. 3.17.20
    sherri vanderstoep said:

    I'm glad you're home safe – I've really missed your posts!!! My first born daughters wedding had to be cancelled next month…. we are grieving here, too!!! In the midst of so much uncertainty, we serve a good God… and if I shift my perspective, my thanks far outweighs our current struggles!!! You have blessed me so much for your posts… sending a prayer for you and your family…. thankful for you

  5. 3.17.20
    R's Rue said:

    Hugs and love.