The Bestie Breakdown-Episode TWO


Hey, Hey, Hey!  

About three weeks ago, Shay and I kicked off our new podcast, The Bestie Breakdown, {you can check out Episode One, if you missed it} and since then, we’ve gotten some professional help, legit microphones, and can be found on I-Tunes!  SO, we’re basically calling ourselves, “podcasters” now.  After two episodes can we do that?  Probably not, but we are super excited about this episode.  We chit chat about Jessica Simpson’s new book, America’s sweetheart couple from way way back, and all about our upcoming Spring Break packing situation.  We hope you’ll check it out and give it a listen!  Our main goal is to get better each week, so hopefully you see a little progress.

Speaking of Spring Break, we’re headed out tomorrow with the Shull clan on our Spring Break vacation.  I hope you’ll follow along on our adventures over on Instagram.  {I’m “slaughteren”.}

For now, I’m signing off until Monday, March 16th.  Hope you guys have a great week and a half!

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