Time Saving Mom Hacks for Back to School

Okay, fellow moms {or aunts, sisters, nannies, dads, brothers, grandpas, or whomever may be reading this today}, my crew is officially one week into school and while I’m not an expert per say, I am a mom who’s been holding down the fort mostly solo {Tab’s been out of town a LOT for work} with four kids who are now officially all in school. I’m sure we have a few kinks to continue to work out but we have some great things going that are keeping our mornings and afternoons running smoothly.

LAY IT ALL OUT-With two kids in school athletics, there is a lot for them to keep up with and remember. I keep repeating, “Lay it out”, “Lay it out”, “Lay it out”. Gym clothes are laid out, cheer clothes are laid out, etc…and it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier! Am I the only mom who can go from the best mood ever to MOMSTER when a kid notices their cheer shirt is missing and needs help locating said shirt five minutes before we should be leaving?

EMPTY IT RIGHT AWAY-When we walk in the door, we go through their backpacks to put ice packs in the freezer, sign papers, and get any homework completed. {I’m really speaking about the elementary kids. Middle schoolers are responsible for their own.}. This alleviates the rush of-WE FORGOT TO______________ {fill in the blank with anything you could notice you need at either nine p.m. that night or at seven a.m. the next morning}. Can we just talk about some of the worst mom feelings? Ugh! That’s one right there!

MEAL PLAN-This is really a no-brainer for us moms running chaotic kids’ after school schedules. If I don’t have a game plan then there’s absolutely no time for me to make something work {especially because of my kitchen but that’s a blog post for another day}. I always make something super simple when Tab’s out of town like last night’s meal, “Chicken Nachos”. I put bbq chicken in the slow cooker and we added toppings to bbq chicken nachos. The kids were fans and it was extremely simple {but I felt like a superhero because I made dinner}.

ADD IT TO MY COZI-Which means Tab gets a notification too. ha! I’ve gone ALL IN on my Cozi app, an app all about keeping families organized. From practices to games to meetings to appointments, I’ve got it all added to my Cozi! The main thing I do is check it a couple times throughout the day and set alarms for certain time sensitive things. If I’m working and I know I need to pick a kid up in forty-five minutes from school but I might get busy and forget, then I set an alarm to remind myself. Just making sure I’m adding it to my Cozi AND checking it multiples times has helped keep my whole crew organized this past week!

CARPOOL-Moms, it takes a VILLAGE! Right? I’d highly recommend finding a friend to carpool to/from baseball practice or to Wednesday night church service. If both of you are headed in that direction, then why not save each of you a little time in your week by sharing the car service duties we all seem to be providing?

Our school started early this year and it seems many others schools are going back this week. Hoping these time saving hacks motivate you to get your year started in the best way! And maybe, just maybe we’ll feel like we’re squeezing a little extra time into our days with these hacks.


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  1. 8.17.22

    So many great life hacks!

  2. 8.17.22
    Pamela said:

    Great hacks!!! I think Britt’s back to school photos are gorgeous!

  3. 8.17.22
    Sarah Shaneyfelt said:

    I know this isn’t life changing, but if I don’t pack lunches the night before, then I am a crazy woman in the morning running late!

  4. 8.17.22
    Kelly Bonner said:

    I couldn’t agree with these more! I’m glad I’m also not the only one who turns into a momster about things. I was just praying about that last night & really asking God to help me. It’s something I really struggle with & want to change.

    • 8.18.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Kelly! The more prepared I am the less likely it is to happen. ha!