Thank You


I got all sappy with emotions yesterday and when I sat down to work on my post the only thing that kept coming to mind was how thankful I am for each of you.  I scratched my plan and just wanted to say….


Thank you for taking time out of your day to come here to visit.  Thank you for following along with our family.  Thank you for the countless times I’ve asked for your recommendations and you delivered.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

My heart is just super thankful and I wanted you to know.

In honor of my thanks, I’m passing out love as well as some coffee money.  🙂  Coffee on me today!  Please comment on this post with your venmo and I’ll share the coffee love with as many as I can.  Also, I’ll be posting on Instagram stories for those who can’t comment on my blog or for those of you who want to get your name out there.  🙂  Be on the lookout for that and you can leave your venmo there as well.

I’m so thankful for you!  Happy Thursday!


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  1. 10.7.21
    Bob Prowant said:

    Love your blog. I look forward to it everyday. Gail Prowant

  2. 10.7.21
    Bob Prowant said:

    Love your blog. I look forward to it everyday. Gail Prowant

  3. 10.7.21
    Brooke said:

    I love following you and your adorable family! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share, and thank you in advance for sending out coffee money! You’re so generous!
    Venmo: @brooke-resnick

    Enjoy your day!

  4. 10.7.21
    Angie N said:

    I don't have venmo, but wanted to say I love your blog anyway! Hope you have a great day!

  5. 10.7.21
    All About That Mommy Life said:

    You are too sweet! Love following along with your fam! Venmo is @Lauren-Darrell Thank YOU!!

  6. 10.7.21
    Cindy said:

    I love reading about your family and your posts!!:). My Venmo is @Cindy-Hamill-2. I hope you and your family have a great and blessed day!!!!

  7. 10.7.21
    stacey said:

    That’s the sweetest!

  8. 10.7.21
    Jami said:

    That is super sweet! I’ve been following along for years & love your blog and now podcast! I have a similar relationship with my bestie & just love your positivity and realness. Have a great day!

  9. 10.7.21
    Unknown said:

    Thank you, Erika and all the Slaughters for letting us follow along with your life and all the things. I love being able to come here to read while I sip my coffee in the morning before starting my day teaching. It just puts me in a good mood. Thankful for you! Venmo: @Alison-Hughes-19

  10. 10.7.21
    Amber said:

    You are amazing! Thank you!!! @pharmerwil

  11. 10.7.21
    Amber said:

    You are amazing! Thank you! @pharmerwil

  12. 10.7.21
    Jana guzaldo said:

    So sweet! @Jana-Guzaldo

  13. 10.7.21
    Caroline said:

    Thank YOU! @carolineworflong

  14. 10.7.21
    Unknown said:

    Love your blog! Dana-Walker-56

  15. 10.7.21
    Julie C. said:

    Well THANK YOU for sharing your life & family with all of us!!!! @Julie-Connelly-10

  16. 10.7.21
    Energizer Amy said:

    Thank you for sharing and doing life here! My Venmo is Amytrunz

  17. 10.7.21
    riach84 said:

    Good Morning! Just sitting down for coffee #1. It is my reward for going to the gym!

  18. 10.7.21
    Grace said:

    I love following along on your blog! It’s so encouraging! (Gracetgoodwin)


  19. 10.7.21
    Jen said:

    I love your heart. Your honestly and love for the Lord.

  20. 10.7.21
    K. Reed said:

    So fun, Erika! Love following you and your family! @Katelyn-Reed-1