Friday Favorites-10.8.21


Whew!  I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier to see a Friday.  We’ve had a week at our house!  I didn’t get around to sending all my coffee money yesterday and I never got to ask those of you who can’t comment on my blog to share via Instagram.  It’s coming today barring nothing crazy happens at my house!  {Yesterday was one of THOSE days.}

Today, Andrea and I are here sharing some FAVORITES!  I’ve gotten random questions I’m addressing in lieu of a list of FRIDAY FAVORITES.  I always assume that if one person asks, that other people must be wondering so here we go…

First up these items from my post on Wednesday had all of the wrong links.  I’m so sorry!  Here’s a quick list with the right links…

*Not Pictured-but these football gloves fit Bowen perfectly.


I’m not even sure how I’ve gotten this question and more than once over the last week.  Maybe Shay posted?  But for Madeley’s birthday last year this was the gift I had made for her…

This isn’t Madeley but it’s a picture from Amazon.  I ordered that tiger sequin patch {tigers are our elementary school’s mascot}, purchased a denim jacket {do it wherever you can find a good deal-Walmart, Target, Old Navy, etc., and then a local seamstress sewed the patch for me.  There are a wide variety of patches and Madeley loved it!  


For those of you who’ve missed it, Tab got hired in the NFL as an official last year.  Since last year was a strange weird, it’s kind of as if he’s reliving his rookie season.  Unfortunately, I can’t share each week where he’ll be but I can say he’s on Clete Blakeman’s crew.  I think you can see a list in random places…it’s posted on Twitter each week for sure.  The big kids all have sports until roughly the first week of November so I have my fingers crossed I can join him for a game right after those seasons.

Let’s talk chili-

I shared in a recent Bestie Breakdown podcast episode that most of the time when I make a hearty soup or stew, that’s all I serve.  I will add cheese, chips/crackers, hot sauce, etc.  Just those kinds of toppings.  I asked Instagram and the top answers were cornbread, salad, grilled cheese, some other kind of sandwiches, and many of you serve chili specifically with cinnamon rolls!


Several of you were wondering if Ebby Lee has started any kind of skincare.  And the answer is yes-she used some products recommended by our dermatologist for a while and now she’s using this acne set by Tula.  She doesn’t use much but what we keep discussing is how important hydration is!  She’s also using these cleansing pads on any super oily days.  This little regimen could change at any moment but for now it’s working pretty well.


A picture of my porch full of pumpkins last year.  This year I accidentally went a little heavy on the regular orange pumpkin and it’s too much of the same color.  Lesson learned!


My favorite eye shadow is from this palette or this palette.  Those are my go-tos!


My go-to Starbucks order as of late is just a simple coffee with cream and two splendas.  And if it’s crazy hot outside, I get it iced.  If I’m trying to save a few calories, then I’ll get 2% or even skim but my preferred way is cream.  🙂


And I much prefer my water room temperature.  Many of you agree but there are some of you who are passionate about drinking water ice cold.  🙂  I actually loved reading those messages because I’m equally passionate about my water being room temp.  ha!


I shared information about The Bible Recap back in this post.  If you’re considering reading the Bible through in a year {or so, it’s at your own pace} I recommend you look into this.  The Bible Recap sells a book and/or you can listen to the daily podcast breaking down the scripture you read.  I’m telling you all the information is in this post!


😉…yes, I have some fun upcoming things planned.  I can’t wait to take you along!  I promise I will!


THANK YOU, again!  So many of you left kind words and sweet comments on my post yesterday!  I’m gonna be sending more coffee money today!  And I truly am so thankful for you and your kind words!

Have a great weekend!


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