Show and Tell-Steal Vs. Splurge

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

The FIRST Show and Tell Tuesday of the YEAR!  This girl is ready.  And by ready I mean I cannot WAIT to read everyone’s posts. I’m linking up with Andrea (and you should too)! 

The topic today is STEAL VERSUS SPLURGE.  I’m sharing those things I save money on and the things I splurge on as well.  This is pretty close to a day-in-the-life post.  Right?  It’s gonna be fun!

A big STEAL for me is SUNGLASSES!  You guys have seen my bags and know I either don’t carry a bag or my bag is a hot mess.  I realize that a nice pair of sunglasses would be destroyed in my possession.  Because of that….I always save on sunglasses!  I used to buy mine at Target until I realized they’re less at Nordstrom.  They usually carry more colors as well.  So for the aviator style, Nordstrom is the place to snag some inexpensive options.  Right now, this is the only color available in my style for that price.  I’ll keep you posted if any crazy colors are restocked.  

A SPLURGE is always SWIMSUITS!  When I’m at the pool,  I’m usually chasing a kid, counting kids, or keeping up with kids so it’s important that all my girl parts are covered at all times.  With kids at the pool, you can never be sure.  So, that’s somewhere I’m happy to splurge…on good suits that aren’t moving, riding, or changing places. I’ll also add a good suit can just make you feel more confident at the pool and I think we’d all agree sometimes as moms it’s hard to feel confident at the pool.  Amen?!

I’m sure we all have those items we choose to save our pennies and STEAL on.  For me, any canned goods, boxed goods, or items such as these I am happy to buy the store brand.  I don’t notice a difference when I use the “Great Value Tomato Sauce” compared to another brand.  So, I save some pennies.

There are food items I always SPLURGE on because they just taste different to me.  Some people can’t tell the difference-I wish I was one of you-but to me “Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips” just don’t taste the same as Doritos.  #forthebold  #apprentlyimthebold  

And unlike Frito Lays’ Ruffle Potato Chips, I can eat only one of the “Rippled Potato Chips”.  haha!  Frito Lay should hire me as a taste tester for the commercials.  Blindfold me!!  I’m CERTAIN I’d ALWAYS pick the Ruffle.  

I should add my parents are shaking their heads because they “just can’t taste the difference”.  WHAT?!  😉

I know this is my little space in the world, but I’m sharing this for Tab (well, not gonna lie-the Nutella is for me).  Tab feels like we should go without electricity before buying off-brand peanut butter.  It’s one of his big SPLURGES in life.  🙂  I remember being newly married and seeing the shock on his face when he saw my Tom Thumb store brand peanut butter.  He was stunned.  

I tend to SPLURGE on all the laundry items.  

This is SO me…
You guys know laundry isn’t my favorite thing.  Somehow if I have some delicious smelling Tide and Downy Unstopables I tend to feel better about it.

I’ve been known to SPLURGE on a good pair of jeans.  😉  One of the worst feelings is having your pants ride down more and more as they stretch out and the day goes on.  I tend to splurge and be productive during the day instead of tugging on my pants all afternoon.

I should also add I’m a big fan on SPLURGING on a great pair of shoes but with the right sale at Nordstrom sometimes you get a STEAL! 😉 (Like these)
What about you?  What’s your SPLURGE and what’s your STEAL?  Have a great day!  XO

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  1. 1.24.17
    Sarah said:

    Ha! I'm with Tab–no off brand peanut butter around here! So weird I can taste a major difference but Jif is just better!

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hahahaha!!!! Too funny!

  2. 1.24.17
    The Queen said:

    Totally agree on the good laundry stuff but I went crazy and made my own after hearing stories from a friend and will never go back!! It's awesome and only cost us $30 for a YEAR!! Happy Tuesday!

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      How does it smell?? I just want it to smell good. That's my main concern. 🙂

    • 1.24.17
      Britt Hensley said:

      I so wish I could make the laundry-switch! I just love Tide and the Unstoppables too much..even though I'm sure they're terrible for us.

    • 1.24.17
      Elaine Welte said:

      We splurge on unscented laundry detergent and wool dryer balls with essential oils. The fragrance in Tide and Unstoppables is carcinogenic. That alone made me switch years ago.

  3. 1.24.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love your steals and splurges!! And you're right…sunglasses are a great steal, while a good swimsuit is a definite splurge!

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Completely agree!!

  4. 1.24.17
    Unknown said:

    Ketchup and mrs Bairds bread are my grocery store splurges. And I love #1stunna (my late 90s teenager self sang that as I read it. Lol!)

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh, girl!! I agree with you on ketchup!!

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      And I'm so glad someone got the reference!!! 🙂

  5. 1.24.17
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    I MUST splurge on name brand toilet paper. Preferably like 3 or 4 ply or higher. No one has time for one ply, generic t.p. AmIright? 😉 Also, is it bad that I tend to buy more of the generics for the kiddos {ie :: granola bars, cereal, etc?}I mean, they have never had the real ones so they don't know the difference. Then I splurge on the real cheetos for me. If I'm going to have the calories, they better be dang good ones!

    • 1.24.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes ma'am!!!!

  6. 1.24.17
    thefairytalemom said:

    I have totally looked at laundry before and seriously considered tossing! HAHAHA

  7. 1.24.17
    Anonymous said:

    These are perfect! I love it!! I'll second splurging on a swimsuit! I need all the help I can get there! 🙂

  8. 1.24.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    I would love to be a thrifty mama who makes her own laundry detergent, but alas, my relationship with Tide is just too strong! #cantstopwontstop

  9. 1.24.17
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    Name brand toilet paper and cereals have also been known to cause marriage strife. Ha! Totally agree that a good swimsuit is worth the splurge!! I wish I had though if including it in my post.

  10. 1.24.17
    Valerie Cox said:

    I agree with Tab on peanut butter! I can always tell when it's not Jif!

  11. 1.24.17
    Paige said:

    Peanut Butter!!! I wrote about how my husband only wants Peter Pan! I agree with so many of these!

  12. 1.24.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    Love these!! And your hubby sounds like mine when it comes to peanut butter! Too funny!

  13. 1.24.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I splurge on paper towels! Only Viva for us! Weird thing to splurge on, but I can't stand cheap paper towels!

    • 1.24.17
      Renn said:

      Yes! And toilet paper is a splurge here too!

  14. 1.24.17 said:

    Oh Nutella. . I once bought a no brand name. . Just no! !
    I agree on the sunnies too.
    This was so fun!

  15. 1.24.17
    Megan said:

    Swim suits is a good one!!!! And always name brand peanut butter!!! (Fisher are an entire huge jar this week- I'm off to buy more jif today!)

  16. 1.24.17
    Unknown said:

    Oh my goodness, what a fun post! Hands down, coffee! Good coffee will ALWAYS be a splurge in our house…ain't nobody got time for generic coffee;) Mama needs allll the help I can get in the morning!

  17. 1.24.17
    Liz F. said:

    I am with you on the sunglasses! I cannot be trusted with any accessory that is frequently taken on and off! Too much pressure!

  18. 1.24.17
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    My hubs is the same with PB… no off brand here! I couldn't care less, though!

  19. 1.24.17
    Marla Slaughter said:

    Lip stick is one of my saves! How many times have I spent big bucks only to hate it when I got home! My go to is Cover Girl -Bronzed Peach! Goes with everything!!

  20. 1.24.17
    Angela Ellingson said:

    So true about sunglasses!!! And swimsuits, clothes and shoes… I'd rather have less items in my closet and love them, than a bunch of clothes I don't feel good in.

  21. 1.24.17
    Kristin Tate said:

    While you're at Wal-Mart grabbing tomato sauce, roll over to the women's dept and grab some skinny Rider jeans. They don't slide down, stretch out, or ride up and they are cheeeap, I snatched them up after I bunt over for the third time showing at least 2 inches of hind that morning before a baseball game.
    I like to splurge on jeans as well but just love these too.

  22. 1.24.17
    Unknown said:

    You should check out these swimsuits! They sound perfect for you, chasing kiddos and having fun! They are modest AND adorable!
    Definitely worth the splurge!

  23. 1.24.17
    Lee Family said:

    Love this post! I married into a "Wavy's" family and the first time I brought "Ruffles" to a gathering they sat untouched. First world problems of course. Thanks for sharing!

  24. 1.24.17
    Calm And Wild said:

    My cupboards SCREAM Great Value!! Great place to save some change. For me, toilet paper and paper towels MUST be Charmin & Brawny. No scratchy stuff for our booties LOL

  25. 1.26.17
    Kristin Gill said:

    Erika! A) I have been debating that dress and it's so much cuter on you than the model that you have sold me!! I'm ordering tonight!! B) Splurge all day every day on a swimsuit!! Preach. C) I think I am going to try and stretch my blogging muscles if I can get my act together and join you for the link up Wednesdays! Looks like too much fun to miss out on!

  26. 1.28.17
    brookerichardson said:

    Is it weird I splurge on trash bags?? I want the strong durable ones with a nice scent. Lol!!!

    This post was so fun!!! I have several of the $12 avaiators from Nordstroms. Definitely a steal! I will also splurge on bathing suits, pants, and a jacket or vest! Something you will wear more frequent!

    Shoes-well that's just a given!!! You get what you pay for with shoes but occasionally you do get steal and that makes them even sweeter.

  27. 2.15.17
    Unknown said:

    Where do you splurge on bathing suits? I'm willing to splurge but haven't found a store or suit that I just LOVE yet. (And I commented the other day, but don't know if it went through because I wasn't signed in to Google. Sorry if this is a repeat!)