Owning It

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the month, OWNING IT!  The day when a guest blogger comes to share her crazy and we all tend to read while nodding our head in agreement the ENTIRE TIME!

Today, I’m sharing a blogger turned new friend in real-life…KRISTIN GILL!  Kristin and I share a mutual friend, Katy, and Katy had been telling me for years to read Kristin’s blog, Growing Up Gill.  I finally started reading and fell in love!  She shares motherhood stories, her fashion finds, and all kinds of laughs in between.  You’re going to love her.

Here’s Kristin…
Hi guys!  I am Kristin Gill from Growing Up Gill and I was so excited when Erika asked me to ‘Own It’ on her site!  I am a former elementary school teacher, wife and mother of three {Grant 5, Stella 4, and Beau 2}.  My blogging skills are very green, but I am a professional in the crazy department.  To be totally honest with you, I was really struggling at first with what to write about.  Major writer’s block.  But the other night I got to writing, and man, the ideas JUST KEPT COMING!  Ha!  Welp, without further ado, let’s jump right in…welcome to our crazy:

My kids pretty much live in Natives {aka holey shoes} until it’s Ugg weather and then we switch…why?  
Because I freaking hattttttte toddler socks.  So we don’t wear them.  
Truthfully, Beau doesn’t even wear shoes most of the time.  I feel like they are oddly expensive for how tiny they are, they little my house and I can NEVER find a matching pair.  I have zero clue where they vanish to, but hunting them down is downright exhausting.  And ain’t no mama got time for that. So, we wear Natives until their toes begin to show signs of frostbite, then we switch to boots.

I will spend $50 on a darling dress for Stella, which she will outgrow in a season, but I will agonize all around Target with a $15 top for me that I really like…only to ditch it at the register.  And I don’t plan on outgrowing my things anytime soon!  
And why is it that I never seem to care about throwing everything from the dollar section into my cart but then have a mild heart attack when at the register it “suddenly” totals $65?  I am smart.  I can do math.  But it always surprises me.

About cooking…simply put, I don’t do it.  I am bad at it.  I don’t enjoy it.  And I hate the mess.  I attempted a meatloaf for my family for Christmas Eve dinner.  Ended up in the trash so this is what we ate for breakfast Christmas morning.
Thankfully this is seriously my kids’ favorite meal ever so they thought I was super mom.  So young and naive!  
We live a mac and cheese, yogurt, hot dog, rotisserie chicken kind of life.  And I’m thankful we have really yummy Mexican restaurant in town.

I am equally as scatterbrained when it comes to birthday parties and important dates.  In a small town, where everyone is everyone’s friends, the kid parties are ennnnndlessss.  So I put every invite the kids get onto our fridge so I will remember.  
I can’t tell you how many birthday parties have come and gone and we totally missed, even when it is right in our faves.  So I am going to use this opportunity to apologize in advance to all of our friends and family.  

It even happens to my own kids.  At Beau’s one year check up, they couldn’t find his shot records and we realized it was because in his file almost all of his paper work had the same birthday written down as Stella’s….and while we were trying to sort this out, I had to call Chad to see which kid was actually born on November 16th.  Dying.  Do you ever totally blank when someone asks you a question…pharmacy drive thru?  All the time.

If my car were to get lost in a snowstorm on some rural highway, I think my family could survive for 5 days before we would need to panic…and not because I am doomsday prepared, but because we suffer from ‘lest-bring-all-of-our-stuff-to-the-car-but-never-take-it-back-in-the-house-itis’.  People, I am talking shoes, coats, granola bars, 6 packs of Dr. Pepper, happy meal toys.  
On the other side of that, we were out that other night without my diaper bag, so obviously Beau pooped, and not a single diaper to be found in the entttttire car.  Yep.  Only the really really close friends ever see the inside of my car.

I started a new workout plan 23 weeks ago and am so confused why I haven’t seen more progress than I have…I ponder this as I sit in the Sonic Drive Thru twice a day waiting on my 32 oz. Dr. Pepper…

Bedtimes around here are rushed and crazy and you may question whether or not I even like my kids as I’m scurrying and hollering through brushing their teeth and extra pottying and all the stories…but as soon as they are asleep I climb into my bed and whip out my phone to stare at the pictures and videos I took of them.  
I actually start to miss them.  What?!  Truth.  Then I wake up at the crack of dawn and the mental countdown to bedtime starts all over again.  

I pick up frantically the night before the cleaning lady comes.

I obsess over white teeth but hate brushing my kids’ teeth.

I consider myself pretty fashion forward, but can be found in yoga pants 5-6 days a week.

I order a freakish number of things on Amazon to avoid going to Wal-Mart at all costs.  Deodorant, hair spray, protein bars, goggles…There is no happiness like “I see a package by the front door happiness”.

Oh my gosh somebody stop me.

Well friends {I have to call you friends now because I  have let you in on all my chaos}, that’s just a taste of what it’s like Growing Up Gill.

Those who love me, know me well and seem to openly accept all the crazy, unorganized-ness {I make up words a lot} that comes with me.

I like to think I am scattered in a Goldie Hawn charming kind of way, but most of the time I think it is more likely in a bald Britney kind of way.

Thankful to be surrounded by a ‘nonjudmental, easy to laugh, and assume the best’ kind of girl squad.  

Would love to see you again over on the blog {or over @Kristin.Gill} I share a lot about my family, being a mom, and what I’d like to fill my closet with!  And as you can probably imagine, I love hearing your comments…and will likely respond a couple days later!  HA!!
Thanks, Erika!  
Isn’t she fabulous?  Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your CRAZY with us!  I was laughing and shaking my head, YES!  We can all totally relate with one thing or another.  Thank you!

Thank you guys for stopping by today!  See you tomorrow!  XO
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