Road Trip Q & A

Hey Hey! On our drive home from Missouri last Friday, I reached out on Instagram and asked if you had any questions to keep me busy on the drive {as Tab was driving and I was nice and chill ;)}. You guys came through for me! THANK YOU!

But, my reception got spotty and the questions weren’t showing up for me. Instead of answering questions, I took a TWO HOUR NAP. YES! I was SHOCKED! I’m a fifteen minute napper kind of girl so the fact that I managed to sleep for two hours in-the-car-sitting-up was amazing! When we got home, I checked my Instagram and magically questions appeared. So almost a week late in getting these answered but here we are! It’s a little bit of everything in the question department today. Prepare yourself. 🙂

No! After listening to The Lazy Genius podcast last week I wrote out my calendar for the month, added dates and special things we have and then took a look at which weeks have a little more “free time”. My goal is to finish all my shopping by the end of next week. That should give me plenty of time to allow for shipping AND wrapping.

Well, I should tell you. I was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I spent my first six-ish years of my life in Oran {a small town about 35 minutes from Cape} and then we moved to Zalma {an even smaller town about 45 minutes from Cape}. I typically tell people I meet Cape Girardeau because it’s the biggest town near Zalma.

No, I do not know the Limbaugh family. But yes, Rush Limbaugh was born and raised in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


This guy has his second “official” off-weekend of the season! So, he gets to enjoy a birthday party with me, two basketball games, an early morning baseball practice, a Christmas celebration and more.

In my “cart”? ALWAYS!

Isn’t this sweater darling? This colorway could take us from winter to spring and is so cute paired with white denim!

I’m a SUCKER for a plaid skirt but when you add pleats…well, I’m putty in your hand. Also, this looks super trendy but not like a super short mini skirt.

This top looks like it could really be dressed up BUT still super comfortable. I think it’s so cute!

You can see my stocking stuffer gift guide for boys…

Bowen is asking for a basketball goal {and so is Britt-YAY!}, football jerseys, and Play Station games. He got new football gloves, a jersey, and Dribble Up for his birthday. Have you guys seen the Dribble Up ads? One of my cousins swears by the program. Bowen and Britt are both playing basketball for the first time {for Britt} and for the first time in YEARS {I’m looking at you, Bowen}, so I think it’s gonna be great for helping them with basic skills. We got it all set up last night and both of them worked on dribbling. We’ve only used it one night but so far I’m super impressed and would recommend it!

Nixon is asking for clothes, shoes, cologne, etc…he’s growing up!

Ebby Lee made a very extensive Christmas list this year. Here are a few of the things on her list…

Ugg Slippers...I know there’s another pair that’s crazy popular and sold out everywhere but thankfully, EL asked for this pair. In stock in all sizes!

$5.00 Mascara…is an easy “Add to Cart” for me.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs…they’re all the rage and such a great price point for a small gift.

Anything by Sol de Janeiro or Glow Recipe are wins in her book! They have products from $15 to $50.

She also has some furniture pieces on her list like this chair.

And us moms can NEVER go wrong with Lululemon items as gifts. They’re always a hit!

Hmmmm…fun question! Growing up some of my favorite places to visit were Branson, St. Louis, and Kansas City. I’m sure there are some other really good destinations but those stuck out as favorites because shopping! 🙂

Nicole…my maiden name is Erika Nicole Campbell.

This year I’m in two leagues because I enjoyed it so much last year! Bowen and I are in a mother/son league and right this second we’re in first place. Anything could happen though! I’m also in a Mix and Match Travel Agency league and am in second place at the moment.

What a good question…hmmmmm-I think I’d go with a leg press. I think it’s been my favorite since high school. Not even kidding! I’m sore every time I do the leg press machine which always makes me feel like I’m doing something right and you can do so many different variations it doesn’t feel BORING.

He doesn’t have a KC game on his calendar anytime soon. Speaking of Kansas City, do you even remember how COLD that Christmas Eve game was last year? Do you remember the ice on the INSIDE of our hotel room?!

The drive from Texas to Missouri is about 9 hours. My parents don’t live anywhere close to an airport so by the time drive to the airport, fly there, drive to my parents’ house, and add in the cost of flying it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bowen, Britt and I flew the summer because only half of us were going and we went for a short trip. To add to the next question…

YES! Since we’ve had babies and have driven to Missouri, we let them have screens the entire car ride! It works and keeps everyone happy! Now that they’re older they actually slept more in the car. haha! Funny how that works, isn’t it?

I’ve heard of Olivia Rodrigo but have no clue what songs she sings. I just googled her most popular songs and none of those sound familiar. Maybe I don’t know any?!

Yes, Tab has an older brother and an older sister. I have a step-brother {who became like a brother when our parents got married} who’s just one year younger than me.

Thanks again for playing along as we drove home! Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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  1. 11.30.23
    Elspeth said:

    Q and A posts are always a favorite of mine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. 11.30.23

    Ebby Lee’s Christmas list is solid!

  3. 11.30.23
    Sheaffer said:

    This was a super fun post! And I added a couple of things to cart from your teen boy gift guide. Thanks!