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Hey! Happy Thursday!

Ladies, I’m 70% finished decorating for Christmas. I had to pause because we’re having Britt’s birthday party this evening. I plan to resume on Monday and I’ll be absolutely finished before Thanksgiving break! I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve never decorated this early BUT I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Sometimes decorating seems to be another “thing” I have to add to my busy holiday calendar and I’m so glad it’ll be finished early this year! Note to self, if you get a bit overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS this upcoming season you might wanna try decorating early as well.

Yesterday, I shared Stocking Stuffer ideas for three different groups…teen girls, tween/teen boys, and little girls. Do you notice any correlations to my real life? haha! I literally took things my kids are truly asking for or would like and turned them into a graphic. Many of those could be also just be a great gift so check them out!

Today, I’ve got a list {trying a different format for some of you who don’t love a graphic} of personalized gifts you can gift this season. These are the gifts that will sneak right up on me and I’ll try to get them made December 5th only to learn I’m way too late! URGGGHHH!!! I cover a lot of different people in this list so you just might find something for that “hard to buy for person” on your list this season.

#1-Personalized Name Tag-Stanley cups are still all the rage in our house and one easy, simple way to add something a little “extra” is to buy these personalized name tags for your cups. They’d make the perfect little stocking stuffer. You could add it to a brand new Stanley. Or this little name tag would be cute with a Stanley as well as a little gift card for a Starbucks or Sonic drink.

#2 Personalized Cutting Board-How CUTE is this cutting board with a recipe in Grandma’s {or Mom’s or Aunt’s or whoever} handwriting?! When we have a family gift exchange, I often try to think of gifts like this that would be absolutely special for anyone in our family. If you have a gift exchange, consider this cutting board!

#3 Personalized Watercolor-Another personalized gift everyone will be fighting for this Christmas? A watercolor of Grandma’s house or even your childhood home! If you aren’t into a full blown watercolor, then check out these ornaments. They’re the same idea, but you’d hang it on your tree every year.

#4 Personalized Charger-If your house is like mine, I-Phone chargers get up and walk away. I’m certain they head wherever half of our socks have gone. My grand plan this year is to get everyone a charger with their name on it. I’ve got a good feeling everyone will be a little more responsible with their chargers if they’re customized.

#5 Personalized Bag-These personalized bags can be used for almost anything…make-up, chargers, skincare, school supplies and the list goes on. There are some brands that are way more expensive but this is such a great price point for a customized gift.

#6 Personalized Necklace-These necklaces are adorable. They’ve added many other color options since they first were released and would make a great gift! One of my friends has her first name and another has her last name. No matter what you get…her grandma name, her family name, her husband’s name…it’s sure to be a hit!

#7 Personalized Necklace-I know. I know. I’m sharing two necklaces back to back but this option is completely different. I have this option with E, N, B, and B for my kids’ initials. You could do the same thing for grandchildren, spouse initials, etc. The options are pretty endless! {In the pic above, the turquoise name necklace is #6. and the initial letters are this one.}

#8 Personalized Toiletry Bag-These bags are a great gift and you can add some travel size toiletries or a gift card to purchase those as well. Easy peasy but since it’s customized it looks extra special.

#9 Personalized Pet Mugs-I know many of you have a pet you love like a child. If so, YOU need one of these mugs yourself! But they’d also make the perfect gift for any pet-loving friend.

#10 Personalized Air Pod Case-One of the people on my list JUST asked for Air Pods. I’m ordering a personalized case to add with the gift! She’ll never see it coming. 😉

This post is a friendly reminder to myself included to get those customized gifts ordered ASAP! Hope you have the best day! I’m off to “birthday party” later this evening!


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  1. 11.9.23
    Kasey White said:

    I think the link for the first necklace is not right. Could you fix it? It’s super cute!

    • 11.9.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      So sorry about that Kasey! I got it fixed! It’s good now!

  2. 11.9.23
    Elspeth said:

    So many creative and useful idea too! Thanks for sharing!

    • 11.9.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!

  3. 11.9.23
    Kelly said:

    The link to the first necklace goes to the make up bag! I feel like my daughter would love that necklace

    • 11.9.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Kelly! I’m so sorry! I got it fixed!

  4. 11.9.23
    Evan Massucci said:

    These are great suggestions! I was able to get some new ideas for my teenage son! Thanks, Erika!

    • 11.9.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yay, Evan! So glad to hear that!

  5. 11.9.23
    Sheaffer said:

    I’m going to find a recipe, and I’m ordering one of those cutting boards for my mom and for myself! LOVE!

    • 11.9.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Wouldn’t that be cute for Christmas?? Love it!!

  6. 11.10.23
    Faith said:

    Oh I LOVE these ideas!! Absolutely LOVE! I will be shopping today for some of these.

    • 11.10.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Great! So glad it was helpful!