Meet the Teacher…

 Thursday night was “Meet the Teacher” at preschool.  Ebby Lee is in a 4-year-old room.  It’s her last year before kinder!  Tear!!  I could cry just thinking about it.  I have 2 sidenotes..1. I taught third grade before becoming a stay-at-home mom and I remember seeing those weeping mamas sending their kinder babies off to kinder.  At the time (I had no children) I thought they were being ridiculous!!  But…next year that will be ME!!  Crying in the hallway as Ebby Lee goes to kindergarten!!  2. I’ve taught at the preschool the last two years, but this year I’m staying home to get errands run while the big kids are at school AND to snuggle with Bowen.  At our preschool, the kiddos have to be one by September 1st and B’s birthday is November 27th.  I’m really looking forward to performing ONLY mom duties at parties and school this year!  Anyway, E is super excited about being in a 4-year-old room with one of her BFF’s, Molly!
 They were too busy to stop for a picture, but Molly and Ebby Lee decorating their take home folders.
 Nixon is pumped about being in a three-year-old room.  He’s in Ebby Lee’s old room with one of her teachers.  His other teacher moved up with him so he already loves and adores her.  He is super excited about this year at preschool.
Today (Tuesday) is the official first day of preschool and they can’t wait!!

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