Labor Day Weekend…

 It’s HERE!!!  Football season is back and in full swing!  This weekend Tab had his first college game of the season OU vs. Louisiana Monroe in Norman, OK.  Because of the long weekend and the short distance, I thought it would be a great game for the kiddos and I to tag along.  I don’t know what I was thinking (I just wasn’t) because when I planned the trip I had NO ONE going to help me.  I thought that I’d take ALL three kids to the football game by myself.  God was helping me out b/c in the mean time two sets of grandparents offered to go help me!  Whew!  Love those grandparents!  In the end, G went to the game with us and worked and my parents drove over and met us in OK for the weekend.
We left McKinney on Friday and took our time getting to the hotel.  We stayed in OK City, which was nice because there was lots to do when we weren’t in football mode.  Friday night we tagged along with Tab’s officiating crew and joined them for dinner.
 Crazy kiddos ready for dinner.
 I only knew one guy on his crew.  Each year they usually do some shuffling so it was nice for me to put names to faces.  I’m sure the guys on his crew were thinking, “We have to have dinner with ALL of those kids?”  ha!!  But…they were all so sweet and chatted it up with the kiddos.
 One more of that…just because they looked cute. 🙂
Saturday morning Tab had meetings, so the kids and I were solo until my parents arrived.  I took them to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and let them play forever.  It was so nice!  We were the only kids in the entire place.  Then my parents were getting close so we drove back to the hotel to meet them.  They were ready in their game day gear…
 As neutral college game day wear as you can get, huh??  We were cheering for the officials in their black/white!  🙂  I was trying to show off their cute clothes and this is what I kept getting.  

 Football shirts with their names
Ebby Lee, Nixon, Boo and I were going to the game.  Bowen was going to stay back with my mom and hang out.
We went to the mall in town with my parents, shopped around a little bit, had lunch in the food court, and then came back to the hotel to rest a minute before the game.
There was LOTS of construction going on, so Tab had given me detailed (I mean-DETAILED) directions using an alternate route to get there.  He’d also gotten us SUPER close parking.  He REALLY took care of us.  But…when he told me what time I should leave to get there he wasn’t thinking about the HEAT and the kids!  ha!  We arrived 2 hours before kickoff and the temperature was 101 degrees!!  You know when my kids get really hot, they get whiney and complain.  I was starting to stress a bit when we pulled in SO early.  But…the kiddos actually hung in there and did a great job!  I MIGHT have spent approximately $55 on snacks, but who cares right?  ha!
 We just arrived at the stadium.
 And…because I keep giving two of each picture….here’s take #2.
 Snack #1 Sprite and popcorn 
We got into the stadium, instantly found some shade, and a snack.  I thought I was going to faint when I saw the time clock slowly ticking down to kickoff and it read “88:00”.  What???  An hour and a half BEFORE the game even starts?  ha!
 Homeboy was enjoying his snack.
We saw the players and officials were out on the field warming up so we headed to our seats to see Tab.  He waved at us and the kiddos were in heaven!
 Snack #2 
They loved the band, cheerleaders, and the mascots.  Ebby Lee asked me BEFORE the game even started if we could go back to the hotel yet?  ha!  Nixon however was IN his element!  He loved it all!  I started asking at the third quarter if they were ready to go.  I finally talked Nixon into leaving with 6:00 left in the 3rd quarter.
 We had as much football as we could take in one HOT night.  So hot, but such a fun time!
Sunday we got up, had breakfast, and headed to the Science Museum in OK City.  I had planned on the zoo, but it was SO hot the day before I couldn’t do it!

 Bowen was glad he got to tag along!
 One side of the room….
 the other side of the room.  They were talking to each other.

 She was checking to see if Tab could hear her. 
 Inside a kaleidoscope…funny b/c sometimes I feel like there’s WAY more of them than just 3.  🙂

 Ebby Lee was performing a puppet show and it was being shown on t.v.
 Nixon’s favorite part.
 ha!  This toddler roller coaster was Nixon’s fave!

 I had to KEEP reminding these two to stay with the group!!
 Nixon went down this SUPER tall slide so quickly that I only caught his shoe!
 Take #2
 Not sure what was going on??
 Think they were spinning something?
 Bowen preferred to be carried rather than ride in the stroller.
 They were excited to be hanging with T-Nonnie & Boo.
 We stopped to check out the fish on our way out.
Such a fun weekend getting to hang out with this guy before football season gets crazy!!  We loved getting to tag along.  We made it home Sunday evening to M’s yummy dinner and then we all 5 CRASHED!!

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  1. 9.4.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love their football shirts! Totally worth the wait (and fuss and hassle!). You guys are troopers…it was HOT!

  2. 9.5.13
    Elaine Welte said:

    I love their little outfits! Very neutral 🙂 If he ever officiates a game for Tulsa let me know! We play OU in a few weeks, and I've thought about taking all three girls, and then I convinced myself that I would be crazy to take them! Especially b/c we are leaving on a bus at 6:00 in the morning. If the game is on t.v., i'll gladly watch from home!