Promotion Sunday…

 It was Promotion Sunday at church this week.  For some reason, I LOVE promotion Sunday.  It represents routine and a fresh new start.  I look forward to it all summer long.  Maybe it represents fall too and cooler weather?  ha!  Nixon-Man was ready to take the 3-year-old class by storm on Sunday morning with his whistle.  Oh my!  That boy!
 Ebby Lee said, “I wanna pose” and then she did this??  What is that pose?
 Bowen decided on Sunday before church he was going to crawl for the first time!!  The four of us were whooping and hollering all around him.  He was so proud!!  He army crawled.  The belly did not get up off the floor, but it was so fun.  I loved how the big kids got so into it too.

 Love these kiddos!!

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