Let’s Look-Our Calendars

 Hey Hey Friends!

Thanks for popping in today for Let’s Look, the monthly link-up where Shay and I take a peek at our lives and we invite you to share a little bit of your life with all of us.  

It’s funny the topic today is all about OUR CALENDARS, because I gotta be honest…I’m a bit in that stage of barely surviving all the things.  You know that feeling of just needing to catch up for a second?  The truth is I’m living in that stage this week and now here we are talking calendars.  Oh, the irony.

Every time I head out of town or return it takes me a bit to get back into the swing of life…laundry caught up, blog posts written, etc.  Thanks to my amazing weekend-I’m living on the struggle bus this week.  The good news is-I haven’t forgotten a practice, game, or more importantly, a child all week-thanks to my trusty calendar.  

This is the calendar I purchased for this new school year.  The Happy Planner.   I was walking the aisles prior to school beginning and got sucked into the new school supplies section, which happened to have a ton of planners as well as accessories.  I really liked the size of this particular planner…the monthly layout gives me plenty of space for all the things.

A little peek at my calendar…

A few things I’ve finally learned about myself-
*I will NOT remember a date.  Even if I try my best so I e-mail myself the date and when I’m at my desk can quickly add it to my calendar.
*I keep a large desk calendar on my office desk which houses all birthdays.  I see it daily while I’m working so this totally works.
*Going back to the first one, I don’t carry a paper calendar with me.  They’re too big and too bulky and let’s be real-I’m not carrying a purse.

And that’s a peek at our September life/calendar.

Next month we’re chatting yummy fall recipes!  Can’t wait to get some new ideas!  If you joined us, please link-up at the bottom of the post.

I can’t end the post today without this…September 11th, we’ll NEVER FORGET.  This past year I was able to make it to the 9/11 Museum on two different trips.  While I haven’t been to a wide variety of museums, the 9/11 Museum is the most touching museum I’ve ever visited.  I was brought to tears by these citizens bravery, strength, and courage.  To all those whose lives were directly impacted by this tragedy, please know you’re in our thoughts and prayers today.

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  1. 9.11.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I keep thinking about us yesterday with our calendars opened trying to figure out flag football. Bahahaha! It's like a puzzle! 😉

  2. 9.11.19
    Anonymous said:

    Oh, I’ve heard so much about the Happy Calendar! It looks really nice!

  3. 9.11.19
    Rachel Embery said:

    I don’t carry a purse and a calendar would be something I’d start and not keep up. My calendar in my phone is my lifeline. I love how the minute I hear about something I can quickly add it. I can set up alerts to remind me. If someone asks if I’m free I quickly pop into my google calendar to check. I can share calendars, have separate ones for separate people, and color coordinate. Google calendar is my lifeline!

  4. 9.11.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I need to start using the monthly layout in my planner. Great suggestion!

  5. 9.11.19
    Unknown said:

    With all due respect, I still don't understand why you continue to use a big old notebook planner. You don't carry it with you and you claim that you can't remember a date and have to email yourself a reminder. Just use a calendar on your phone and be done with it–instead of emailing yourself, just enter the date, bing, bang, bong, done!! Why create so much extra work for yourself especially when you say you are just barely hanging on as it is?

  6. 9.11.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Unknown-you are very passionate about my paper planner usage! I do use Google calendar on my phone for all work related things and it’s great but I don’t like using it for my family things.

  7. 9.11.19
    Jennifer said:

    I switched to the mini Happy Planner last week and I am loving it. It lets me be a little crafty with the stickers and is small and light enough to not break my back in my purse.

  8. 9.11.19
    Unknown said:

    I always love reading your posts! That Happy Planner is so cute! I definitely need to check one out for myself.


  9. 9.11.19
    nearawayfaraway said:

    I’m a paper planner and support any personal preferences and personal choice.
    The physical process of writing (not tapping) can communicate memory of items to the brain.
    I am fond of Cloth and Paper fie their high quality paper and overall elegance, plus the capacity paper gives you to do an At a glance. Cloth and Paper has monthly, weekly, and daily inserts, plus goal setting and check-off options. So much flexibility in size and type of planner.
    I also love a beautiful pen, and Cloth and Paper has the most amazing pens in their subscription boxes! I received the boxes first as a gift and can hardly wait for them to arrive each month!

  10. 9.11.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I finally stopped buying paper planners because I would get all excited about them for about a month and then–NOTHING. hahaha I've got about a half dozen barely used planners around my house. 😂 They are just so darn cute!! Now I use the calendar that comes on my phone and a weekly dry erase board calendar in our kitchen so everyone knows what's going on that week.
    That Inspired Chick

  11. 9.11.19
    Joanne said:

    One reason I don't use a planner is because I can not imagine carrying it around with me and therefor I wasn't sure I'd ever get much use out of it; sending a message to yourself so you don't forget appointments I just genius!

  12. 9.12.19
    Deena said:

    I’m with Amanda. I love the look of the planners but I only last a couple of months. I have outlook on my laptop but got Google Calendar because it works on everything and once you update one, the rest are updated also. I do a lot of things monthly so set up as recurring which helps me when scheduling appointments.

  13. 3.6.20
    Printable Calendars 2021 said:

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