Let’s Look-Phones and Apps


{I hope you sang that as you read the sentence.}
Today is the very last day of summer vacation and tomorrow it’s BACK TO SCHOOL!

Shay and I are sharing a Let’s Look post full of our favorite apps.  I can’t even think of a cute way to segue into this so here’s my list of favorites.  After all the back to school stuff, the many e-mails, and all the new dates in the calendar my brain is fried already for the week.  In no particular order…

I’m started out really shocking you with my cool app, right?  haha!  No, but for real-this CLOCK app helps keep my day running smoothly.  In the morning, I check my schedule and if I have anything time-wise set in stone then I’ll add an alarm for that time later in the day.  Just today, one of my kids had speech and I just knew we’d forget.  I set the alarm and we made it to speech right on time.

My PODCAST app is one that gets a lot of playing time.  If I’m exercising, picking up the house, doing any menial chore, or even driving somewhere alone then I typically have a podcast playing in the background.  Speaking of podcasts, have you listened to this one…

The Bestie Breakdown Episode 11 just released yesterday.  We broke down the first ten episodes by recapping and sharing feedback.

Do you have the YOU VERSION BIBLE app?  Not only can you read a variety of Bible translations but under the “Plans” you’ll find many devotionals, reading plans, and bible studies on a variety of topics.  The Bible Recap I’ve been reading this year has their plan on this app so this is where I keep track of what day I’m on with my readings.  If I’m out of town or at home, this app keeps me up to date.

INSTAGRAM is my favorite social media platform so if I’m killing time on my phone, this is always my go-to.

NETFLIX for all those binge-worthy shows I watch.

A BEAUTIFUL MESS app is my go-to for any quick graphic I need to make.  This is easy to use, for any other non-techy girls.

The PELOTON app is my favorite workout from home program.  I’ve already used it twice this week…once to ride my bike and the other to do a full body 30 minute strength workout with weights.

Guys, I apologize for not having anything ground breaking here in the app department.  Probably mine are similar to most of the apps you use as well.

I’ve been searching for a really great calendar app that Tab and I can both share.  I keep hearing Cozi is good, but please shoot one my way, if you have a favorite.  Is there a way to keep items up to date on both his phone and mine?

Also, have you color coded your phone?  One of my girlfriends did and I’m so intrigued!  Here’s a little video on YouTube that shows a quick {or quick-ish} way to color code all the apps on your phone.  It’s kind of like you’re Home Editing your I-Phone.

Thanks so much for reading today!  What’s YOUR favorite app?!  If you’re a blogger, be sure to link-up or join us next month when we’re chatting MEAL PLANS.

Have a great Wednesday, Everyone!

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  1. 8.11.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I organize my apps by use! But I’ve heard color coding is fun too!

  2. 8.11.21
    Jennifer White said:

    We have many of the same apps 🙂 I can’t find beautiful mess in the App Store? I’d love to try it.

  3. 8.11.21
    PSKC said:

    If you both have iPhones you can create a shared calendar and both can add events. We have one for our family and my girls put their work schedules on there so everyone knows. We also did this when my mom was sick so we knew about doctor appointments and such. I’m going to check out the graphic app you mentioned ! Have a great day!

  4. 8.11.21
    Lisa Barker said:

    TimeTree is a great calendar app. You and Tab can both add events, etc. and you will get notified when the other person adds something or deletes something from the calendar. It’s been great for our family to stay coordinated. You can also take a photo of like a birthday invitation, wedding invitation, etc and attach it to the calendar event. This allows you not to have to hang on to invitations on the fridge, etc. you just have it all on your phone. Highly recommend.

  5. 8.11.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Downloading Beautiful Mess app now!! Happy Last Day of Summer!!!

  6. 8.11.21
    Mollie said:

    I use my Apple calendar to share events with my husband. It is tied to my gmail and his work email/calendar. I just create events and then “invite” him using his email address and then it shows up on both of our calendars.

  7. 8.11.21
    Julianna said:

    The basic Apple calendar app is actually great for schedule sharing! You get notified when someone adds, deletes or changes an event. You can set alarm notifications prior to events. And I love that bookings (flights, hotels, restaurant reservations) get automatically uploaded from email!

  8. 8.11.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Going to add the A Beautiful Mess app right now!!! Thanks for the rec!

  9. 8.11.21
    Kristal {Love, Grace & Hope} said:

    My hubby and I use Google calendar and color code it for our kids and us. It works well for us. What podcasts are your go to listens? I haven’t missed an episode of The Bestie Breakdown ☺️but would love to hear what you like listening to.

  10. 8.11.21
    Naomi Carpenter said:

    My husband & I use TimeTree and we LOVE it. I couldn't ever do the regular calendar app iphone but this one I like that I can see the whole month and what all is going on. You can sync it so everything shows up- and then you can still have separate ones on there as well if you want. You can also color coordinate family members- so one kid could be one color, another a different color, etc. Also, you can make combined lists on there too, which is always nice! 🙂 You get notifications if someone adds something too.

    I looked for A Beautiful Mess on the app store but didn't see it???

  11. 8.12.21
    Joanne said:

    I don't use any of these apps! LOL. I have hardly any of them and most of them actually came with the phone.. aside from basics like email and messages I only use a handful of them.

  12. 8.12.21
    Michelle said:

    Cozi! Easy to use and color codes family members!

  13. 8.12.21
    Kerry R said:

    I can't find A Beautiful Mess!