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Hey There, Friday!

It’s good to see you.  Why, oh why does the first week of school feel SO long?  I’m only speaking as a parent so I can’t even begin to imagine (nor do I remember) how tired you teachers must be after the first week.  On a sidenote, I do remember how tired my feet were every year on the first day of school.  OUCH!  That’s a pain so deep I’ll always remember.  #pleaseletmesitdown

In typical Friday fashion, I’ve joined forces with my girls, Narci and Andrea, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Each week we invite bloggers from near and far to join us.  Simply blog your faves, grab our graphic, and link-up!

This was my crew on Day Two of school…I got several questions about Ebby Lee’s shoes.  They can be found in the dark purple color {along with three others}at Nordstrom.  They’re the cutest looking tennis shoes I’ve ever seen for a nine-year-old girl.  She likes wearing dresses to school and often times feels silly wearing other shoes, but these are perfect!

I also got asked about how lunches are going.  Remember this first week, I’m crazy organized and am killing my mom game?  Next week, might be a completely different story.  This is what we packed this week…Yumboxes…I’m not sure if Shay or Andrea introduced me to these lunch boxes, but someone did.  Nixon is my kid that would eat the exact same thing everyday.  He’s not adventurous, super picky when it comes to food and lunch is one meal I don’t fight him on so we’re packing him something else, but Bowen and Ebby Lee like a little variety.  We’ve been using Yumboxes for them this week and both of them are big fans.  They’ve had turkey pepperonis, cheese, crackers, fruit, yogurt, hummus, and more.  So far, it’s working great!

On a sidenote…one thing that’s saved us a ton of time this week is on Sunday evening we chose five outfits for each kid.  Then in the morning instead of having any clothing issues, they just grab an outfit and are good to go.  The big kids can typically do a good job with this but it’s still saving time.


The boys got new water bottles for school and they’re big fans.  I fill them up every morning and they’ve been bringing them home completely empty.  #itshotatrecess  Our school has new fancy schmancy water stations but they’re just not taking advantage.


Thank you for all the sweet messages and kind words about the new blog.  I mentioned last week we’re still ironing out a few kinks so again, please be patient but we hope to have it completely finished soon.  The dress I’m wearing in the pictures is a Donna Morgan.  I got several e-mails asking about my dress.  {I thought it was Loft but after double checking the tag-nope!  Unfortunately, it’s been in my closet for a long time so I can’t even remember where I got it.  So sorry!}


I’ve been killing it in the dinner department all week thanks to Shay’s cookbook, Eats.  This is my favorite Mix and Match Mama cookbook and we’re taking full advantage of all the August and September meals right now.  If you don’t have this one, what are you waiting on?

Speaking of books, did you read my post on Tuesday when I talked about my new book?  If not, go read and PLEASE share any helpful hints you’ve got!

Okay, Big Brother fans…
*How does Brett keep sweet talking his way out of things?  He’s got skills!
*The Zing Bot is always one of my favorite episodes!  ALWAYS!
*Fessy has it BAD for Hailey, but do you think she feels the same way?
*Why did Sam and Scottie think they could talk Fessy into putting “his girl” up?

If you asked me right this second who I was cheering for, I’d say Brett.  I’m not sure how he keeps wiggling his way out of so many close calls, but he’s doing it.  And I think it’s pretty impressive!  Who are you cheering for??

I think that’s about it for today, friends!

I found this Countdown to Halloween Movie List so the kiddos and I are starting TONIGHT!

I might even turn the air down really cool, light a pumpkin candle, and wear a scarf-just to get in the spirit.  πŸ˜‰

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. 8.24.18
    Good Better Best Food said:

    Love the new look of the blog! Everything looks so clean.

    Hope you had a Good first week of school. I hope to be killing it at the mom game next week too when we go back.

    Have a Good weekend!


  2. 8.24.18
    Kirsten said:

    I’m team Tyler all the way!

  3. 8.24.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Thank you so much for the Eats shout out! And I'm totally saving that list of movies for our fall too!!

  4. 8.24.18
    Rachel said:

    I love your new blog makeover, it looks great! As for BB, I am a Tyler fan – I think he is playing the game well, but all his 2 person alliances may catch up to him, we'll see! Brett is a smooth talker though. Enjoy your weekend!


  5. 8.24.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Your blog really does look AMAZING! And I need to grab Carter that water bottle!

  6. 8.24.18
    Joanne said:

    That looks like a great list of Halloween movies; I'm honestly not even sure I knew there were that many! Sounds like a pretty good week back to school.

  7. 8.24.18
    Anonymous said:

    So many good things to talk about today! Ebby Lee’s shoes are adorable! And, Big Brother!! Brett is not my fave, but I was laughing so hard at him hiding his veto underneath all those mattresses. That is brilliant! Haha!

  8. 8.24.18
    Celia said:

    For anyone on a budget, order "easy lunch box" containers on amazon. They are a fraction of the cost of yumboxes and serve the same purpose plus they hold a little bit more for older kids. I supplement with silicon cupcake holders if I need some extra sections (they come in 3 sections). I pair them with the pack-it lunch boxes so that I don't have to worry about freezer packs.

    I also like the new blog, looks nice and clean and organized.

  9. 8.24.18
    Amy said:

    Oh my goodness your daughters shoes are adorable. I didn't even realize they had the fuzzy pompom on top until I hit the link. So cute!!! Big Brother….yikes…. I was originally Team Sam but I've shifted and kinda am enjoying the spin Brett is putting on everything. He's pretty comical, just not sure how that will work out for him when the jury votes.

  10. 8.24.18
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    The new look looks great and I love the buttons at the top :). I need to get my 3rd grader a new water bottle, when I filled his this morning I thought, he needs a grown-up one πŸ™‚

  11. 8.24.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Big Brother…I used to be a Sam fan but now I can't wait until she's gone! Her cute voice has turned so whiny and weak! Enough baby talk. Can she really be that clueless as to how this game works? Brett is so arrogant but all of his antics are working including that mattress trick! I kept thinking "surely these people will wonder why there are so many mattresses in here and figure this out!" I can't believe he won that veto.

    Fessy and Haleigh are not on the same page. I can't imagine they will make it out of that house together. And the whole Scottie mess…I don't even understand what they were really trying to do! He deserved to go home after all that. I think I'm still Team Tyler!
    That Inspired Chick

  12. 8.24.18
    JennofallCrafts said:

    I just sent that Halloween movie list to my 23 year old son – brought back a lot of good memories!! lol Thanks for sharing!

    Brett…..was not a favorite at first, BUT he sure knows what he's doing and his speeches…..I'm Team Tyler but he won't make it too much longer (sadly)

    TGIF, Jenn

  13. 8.24.18
    Tractors and Glam Blog said:

    I am excited to start watching Halloween movies too. We still have another month left of summer temps so stuff like this helps to get us in the fall mood. Happy Friday!

  14. 8.24.18
    brookerichardson said:

    So so ready for fall!!! Bring it on!!!!

  15. 8.24.18
    Kimberly said:

    Love the movie list! I will be saving that one for our family. Your new blog update looks fantastic 😍 Happy weekend!

  16. 8.24.18
    Unknown said:

    I told my husband, it would be funny if Brett won the whole thing! I still like Tyler! I

  17. 8.24.18
    Kayla said:

    This will be my go to Halloween movie list!

  18. 8.25.18
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you so much for hosting again this week. You always do so much for bloggers! Try to stay cool and enjoy your week ahead.

  19. 8.25.18
    Lindsey T said:

    This may seem like a dumb question but when you pick out the five outfits, where do you put them? Do you hang the somewhere different so they can find them easily or set them somewhere? Or keep them with other clothes but know what you've picked?

  20. 8.25.18
    csuhpat1 said:

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.