Hot Toys-2023

Happy Monday!

I’m popping in on the weekend to share some HOT TOYS for Christmas this year! My kids have already started working on their Christmas lists. If your family is like mine, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. all ask me what to get the kids so it’s so nice to have those lists finished early to get options sent over to everyone. I tell myself every year I’ll be shopping earlier so that I’m not rushed and scrambling in December. My goal is to be finished by December 1st!

When Walmart asked to team up this month to share some toys with my readers, I jumped at the chance. Walmart has the hottest toys this Christmas season at the very lowest prices! And thanks to their amazing shipping, all of us “Santas” can order online and watch the toys roll in.

Transformer Mask-For the transformer loving kid in your house-this is perfect!

Cocomelon Bumper Car-We had a few years with a Cocomelon obsessed Britt. She’d have loved to bounce around in this bumper car!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-Guess who was a big Ninja Turtle fan growing up? THIS GIRL! I had a brother so I’m blaming him!

Talking Bluey-If you have a Bluey lover in your house, this is the perfect gift for your kiddo!

LEGO Speed Champion-You guys know I have two boys. Nixon cared NOT A THING about legos, but Bowen loved them! More than the legos himself, I think he loved sitting down with just mom or dad and working on a set.

MiniVerse Make it Mini Lifestyle-This is a mini lifestyle collectible that combines crafting. There are a wide variety of options but I thought the cactus was adorable.

Barbie Dreamhouse-Need I say more?! Barbie is having a YEAR and your house just might need this dreamhouse.

Little Tikes Story Dream Machine-Storytime comes to life with the dream machine!

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn DJ Table-Babies and toddlers can laugh AND learn as they play music as they’re working those fine motor skills.

Paw Patrol Skye-Awww….little Bowen was a big Paw Patrol fan. So sad those days are over in our house.

Bitzee-Is an interactive digital pet. This might be just what my house needs!

Walmart has ALL the top toys your kids can’t wait to unwrap! And with the very best prices as well!

You can click directly on that graphic to shop the toys! And thank you, Walmart for sponsoring this post today! Just a friendly reminder Christmas is only 63 days away! We better get to it!


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  1. 10.24.23
    Elspeth said:

    So many great gifts for all ages! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 10.24.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Lots of fun finds!!!

  3. 10.24.23

    Give me ALL the Christmas content!!

  4. 10.24.23
    Amy said:

    My daughter is turning 12 and always asks for just clothes even though I buy her TONS each month! What stores do you buy from for your daughter? And what other things do you recommend for a preteen/teen girl? I just love all your posts! 😉

    • 10.24.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      GREAT question! Amy, can I work on this and get back to you? Ebby Lee is working on her own list and I’ll share!