Hello 21st century!!!

I finally got an iPhone and just realized how to blog the pictures on my phone. Here’s a random assortment of pics…

Ebby Lee at Disney on Ice with her souvenir Ariel.

Nixon went to the grocery store with me and stole this candy while we were checking out. Good try, Nix! Don’t worry we took it back and he said,”sorry”.

Santa baby all ready for her party!

Nixon’s sweet Christmas gift to me that he made at preschool.

Nixon’s favorite hiding place…inside the refrigerator!

Trampolines can really do some damage to this hair!


Lori and I went to the Cotton Bowl…fun times!!

Best thing about Wal-Mart…this horse!

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  1. 1.26.12
    amber leann said:

    I mostly blog from my iPad now…technology is awesome! 😉