More Catching Up…

Friday, Miss Priss dressed herself. Can you tell? We were still home bound due to Nixon’s RSV(although he seemed to be feeling SO much better)…so we did nothing but play ALL day!
Sunday…we were all feeling lazy so we headed to Market Street for dinner. Nixon and I dressed alike both in our camo pants. It was so nice at Market Street on Sunday night. There was NO ONE there…we went upstairs and had almost the whole place to ourselves. The t.v. had the game on…I’m tempted to go back every Sunday night!

Monday…Daddy got to hang out all day with us! He and Ebby Lee had a date. They went to watch the new Alvin & the Chipmunks movie. She had a blast…movie, popcorn, and a soda??

She was WIPED out when they got back. She was SO excited that she never took a nap. Apparently, dates with Daddy can be exhausting!

That means this little guy got to have a date with me! His wasn’t as much fun. We ran some errands.

Wednesday we went to Groovy Kids to get Nixon’s hair cut and I decided to get Ebby Lee’s cut too. I think it was a Kirby Cox inspiration. Ebby Lee and Kirby have a similar issue…thin blonde hair, but Kirby’s cut made it look a lot thicker. I thought I’d give it a try. This is her 1st haircut!

Pre-cut picture of the back

This wasn’t Nixon’s first rodeo….probably his 8th haircut! ha!


She didn’t cut much b/c let’s be honest…there’s not a lot to cut. She just straightened it out a little bit. I love it! It’s a cute little bob and I really do think it makes her hair look thicker!

Some of our sweet friends, the Venters, had their baby boy, Peyton, this week. Tab was out of town, so the kiddos and I headed to the hospital to get our hands on him! We went at 5:00, so I packed dinner for the kids. It ended up keeping them pretty busy. Perfect!

Peyton & Casey (AKA…Proud Daddy)

They thought Baby Peyton was too cute! Congratulations Venters!

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  1. 1.21.12
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Love the pic of Ebby Lee and Tab!!!!

  2. 1.26.12
    amber leann said:

    So sweet! My how fast they grow!!