Last Few Days…

Thursday… Ha ha! Seriously the best picture of the kiddos I could get before we left for school.

We met some friends at this really cool park in Frisco.


Miss Priss strikin’ a pose before headed out to run errands/gym/lunch.

Mr. Man was ready too.

It was a nasty cold day on Monday so when we woke up from naps we all snuggled on the couch. It was the perfect snuggling movie watching weather.


After school…poor Nix went to the doctor and has RSV. Tab took him the doctor and bless his heart when they got back Nixon was so excited to see Ebby Lee. It made this Mama SO happy!! So…we had more snuggling time after all that.


Since Nixon is sick, we’re stuck in the house for a while. Ebby Lee and I made some sparkly snow paint this morning.

Nixon wanted to watch The Lion King…”No paint”. His words…not mine!

Our finished products…so proud!

Who knows what else we’ll come up with for the rest of the week? 🙂 Nixon does have a nasty cough and a fever, but he luckily isn’t acting like he feels that bad. In between shows, he’s getting up and running around. Good sign!! Happy Wednesday!

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