Friday Favorites {on a Thursday}

I’m breaking ALL the rules today. Friday Favorites on a THURSDAY? Yes, yes, I am. I’m posting today because Ebby Lee and I head out of town so I’ll miss posting tomorrow. Andrea will be joining me tomorrow with the link-up so if you link up tomorrow be sure to add your blog to her post. Thank you!

As you’re reading this we’re on our way to sunny Orlando for a few days of volleyball watching. Don’t worry we’re also planning on mixing as much fun outside the courts as well!

First FAVORITE is this girly! She loves her mama the most but Tab is excited about having her all to himself this weekend.


If you’re looking for an Easter basket idea, I have a little round up of some fun things you could add to yours. You can just click on each picture to find the item in the graphic above. Wanna know a FAVORITE of mine? Getting ahead of any holiday gifting!


I popped into Target yesterday and found a few new FAVORITES…this smocked top and these denim shorts. In the shorts, I sized up.

Plus, this pullover. I’m having a hard time getting on the real quilted train. I thought this was a good hybrid-quilt option. A better up close look…

I sized up one for a more oversized look. Wearing a medium.

And this eyelet peplum will be really cute paired with white jeans this season. I’m wearing a medium but wish I hadn’t sized up.


When you check out the above picture {and the picture below} can you slightly tilt your head to the right? Let’s pretend like they’re not sideways, okay? ;). I cannot get them to straighten up! AHHH!! But as I was walking the aisles of Target, I found these adorable skorts for Britt. Aren’t they cute? They’re gonna be a FAVORITE for spring/summer.


Both of my boys have white baseball pants in their line-ups this season so something was needed. I tried to get that Fels-Naptha, but it was out of stock. Clearly all the baseball moms are scrubbing white pants right about now so I opted for this Oxi Clean Stain Remover and you guys-THE PANTS LOOK SO GOOD! It totally worked! Bowen’s team in particular played on some super dusty fields so his pants were a mess! I was absolutely shocked when I pulled them out of the washing machine. This will be a FAVORITE all season!


Last FAVORITE is this Lanolip’s lip cream {can also be used as nipple cream-super random, I know}. A girlfriend had it at baseball over the weekend and her lips looked so hydrated. She was raving about how it’s helped her so I ordered as I was sitting beside her.


Be sure to follow along with us over the weekend. I’ll try to add lots of the fun we’re having! You can find me right here over on Instagram. 🙂


Have the BEST weekend, friends! I’ll see you Tuesday!


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  1. 3.31.22
    Elspeth said:

    Enjoy your girls weekend! Have the best time!

  2. 3.31.22
    MamaB said:

    Varsity baseball mom here. I’ve been washing white baseball pants for more than a decade. Here’s my tip: grab the “Totally Awesome” multi-purpose cleaner in a bottle from the Dollar Store. Pour the whole bottle in the sink with hot water and soak the pants for 2-3 days. You can scrub with Fels-Naptha after that or just throw in the washer. You will be amazed.
    I buy a dozen bottles at the beginning of the season so i have them on hand. Other option: power wash them on the driveway or in the car wash.

  3. 3.31.22
    Kari said:

    Is Ebby Lee playing in the Sunshine tournament this weekend? My neighbor will be down there too! Good luck and have fun!

  4. 3.31.22
    Kelly said:

    The link for Easter basket ideas isn’t working ☹️

  5. 3.31.22
    Katey said:

    As a mom of two girls that play softball with white pants, I suggest soaking them in iron out or white brite over night. Then you really only have to scrub super stubborn stains before washing. I also use the dawn powerwash soap and it helps with stains. I then wash in oxiclean white detergent.
    Hope this helps!

  6. 3.31.22
    Kim said:

    The Easter widget isn’t working for me for some reason just FYI. But – no worries on your trip – plenty of time before Easter still!

  7. 3.31.22

    I hope you girls have the BEST time!!!

  8. 3.31.22
    Beverly byerly said:

    I would like to be added to your blog.

    • 3.31.22
      Beverly byerly said:

      I use to receive an email from you and I have not received one for months.

  9. 4.1.22
    Sheaffer said:

    Love your Target finds!

  10. 4.1.22
    Joanne said:

    Have a great time in Florida!!

  11. 4.1.22
    Christi said:

    Oxi clean makes a revive the whites powder to add to the wash for things like white baseball pants. Also blue dawn (name brand) works amazing as a stain treater too. If they get blood on their pants use a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide. If it’s really bad just dump the hydrogen peroxide on the blood stain and use the cotton swab.

  12. 4.4.22
    Nikki S said:

    You need to try White Brite by Out (like the Iron Out brand). You just soak the pants for a few hours or over night and then I use my sprayer on my skink and the dirt and clay just slides off the fabric! It is a game changer for white baseball pants.

  13. 4.5.22
    Jill said:

    As a new baseball mom I was given the best advice. Soak in oxi clean power white powder and then use a sunlight bar for the stubborn stains. It works miracles. I did also see the power washer options just a few days ago and will definitely be trying that out when our season starts in about a month. In Canada here and we are still finishing up ice hockey!