Friday Favorites-7.8.22

Hey Friends! Friday is already back! This week flew by! Bowen’s baseball team kicks off their last tournament of the season today. We also have family in town who traveled for their own baseball tournament. Needless to say, it’s our last bit of baseball before a break and we’re gonna be getting a lot in over the next few days. We also have a special guy in our life who turned 70 this week so celebrations will be had! Gonna be a fun weekend! Before I’m off to get to the ball fields, I have some FAVORITES to share with you. As always, I teamed up with Andrea to bring you these FAVES on a FRIDAY!

First up, I found a few other FAVORITES from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

Swift Run Sneakers | Aden Chukka Sneakers Air Max Sneaker | Hunter Boots Leopard Hunter Boots |  Nike Star Runners Jolie Metallic Flats | JRize Sequin Sneakers 

Rapid Dry Hair Wrap | Olaplex | Aireluxe Hair Dryer | Silk Pillowcase | Scrunchie Set Curling Iron | Lucea Straightener Moroccan Oil Set

Large Cheese Board Sheer Set | Barefoot Dreams Blanket Capri Blue Candle | Marble and Wood Serving Board Dutch Oven Pura Set


Yesterday I had so much work to get finished so I pulled out this Slip and Slide I’d ordered earlier this summer. The kids put it in the backyard near the pool and spent all afternoon as I worked hopping from one to the other. BEST KIND OF DAY-a FAVORITE for this work-from-home-mom!


Let’s talk my FAVORITE summer show…

Big Brother 2022 aired on Wednesday and I’m HERE FOR IT! There’s just something about watching on summer nights…it finally feels like summer! New challenges, new houseguests, and new guests on the block are all going down on Sunday! Since I’ve only watched one episode I can’t even tell you who my FAVORITE is quite yet, but please know I’ll be watching and if you ever wanna chat BB, you know where to go. 😉


If you follow along on Instagram {you can find me here}, then you might have seen where I asked for dinner recommendations. After eating months of cold foods, we’re OVER it. Lunch meat, chicken salad, easy snacky foods, and more have been making up most of our menu. And we need a little break. On the other side, we’ve also eaten out so much that we don’t want anymore take out. We’re to a place where we’d like food prepared at home, but we’re so limited. I don’t really have a great space to even have my slow cooker plugged in so there’s not a space where I feel comfortable shredding up a huge pot roast. Know what I mean? All that to say, I asked for super simple slow cooker meal ideas and you guys sent some great ones….

*Chicken Tacos-chicken breasts, taco seasoning, and salsa

*BBQ Chicken-chicken breasts, BBQ sauce, and Coca-Cola

*Salisbury Steak {frozen beef patties}, french onion soup or brown gravy mix with potatoes.

*Chicken and Dumplings

*Meatballs-frozen meatballs and spaghetti sauce

*Beef Stew

*Chicken, green beans, diced potatoes, stick of butter and Italian dressing

*Poppy Seed Chicken-chicken, cream of chicken, sour cream, chicken broth, poppy seeds, butter, and crackers

This week we had chicken tacos and a pasta dish I threw together. I added turkey sausage I’d sliced, whole wheat noodles {that hadn’t been cooked yet}, a bag of frozen broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, and some milk. I cooked it on high for about two hours. Then stirred it really good and added a bit of cheese. It was delish! Up on the menu next is the salisbury steak!

Thanks again for your recs! Some of these I make when I have a full kitchen, but I just have to be a little creative. Your ideas really helped! Your help is always a FAVORITE!


Short and sweet today! I’m off now to catch some baseball! Have the very best weekend! See you back on Wednesday!


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  1. 7.8.22

    I can’t wait to shop the Nordstrom sale. Some of my things have already sold out!!

    • 7.8.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Keep looking back because often times items are restocked!

  2. 7.8.22
    Elspeth said:

    Hang in there with the renovations! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. 7.8.22
    Heather Stanton said:

    Ideas for dinner
    Look up foil packet dinners you can thrown on the grill. They don’t have a “grilled flavor” which can get old. Cleanup is easy!
    Remember…even if you buy packed meat (chicken breasts) the grocery store meat counter will cube them for you!

    Look up glamping recipes…lots of good ideas that can be cooked outdoors

    • 7.12.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      OH! I didn’t even think to ask the butcher to cube them! We’ve had this once and everyone really liked it! I need to do it again! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. 7.8.22
    Marla said:

    Do you have the recipes you can share with us? Have a great weekend !

    • 7.12.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      For the most part, everyone just put a few words in the box, but I can elaborate! I’ll get a post going soon!

  5. 7.8.22
    M said:

    Love your favorites. Have you grabbed Home Chef oven ready meals from Kroger? They’re easier than crockpot meals

    • 7.12.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Do you cook them in the slow cooker?

  6. 7.8.22
    katherine darlington said:

    Don’t you have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard? you can grill everything these days.

    • 7.12.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Katherine! We have an outdoor grill, but not a sink. We do grill quite a bit but right now Texas is SO HOT that we’re rock, paper, scissoring for who has to go stand out in the heat to cook.

  7. 7.10.22

    That’s a great list of slow cooker meal ideas. I really needed some inspiration too. Thanks for sharing 😊

  8. 7.11.22
    Alisha said:

    I was SO disappointed in the choice of Pooch to just choose “whoever lost first” in the BB fest challenges to be in the backstage pass group, I think he definitely could have utilized his power much better.. than choosing 3 girls LOL. but I think this week we will see them all 3 get put up in a competition and whoever loses will go up on the block as another nominee. Can’t wait for Wednesday!