Friday Favorites-2.9.24

WAHOO for the weekend! And SUPER BOWL weekend at that!

We have one of the last really chill weekends ahead of us before baseball starts later this month. I’m giddy about another relaxing weekend. Hope you have something that makes you smile on your calendar as well.

I’m here with my girl, Andrea, to share some FAVORITES from the week!

I mean….how sweet does that little face look?! When he’s being sweet, he’s everyone’s FAVORITE! But that four month puppy has some spazzy moments as well. haha!

This meme made me LAUGH! We’ve been talking about how Champ is such a baby. He’s not a fan of new people and by that, he doesn’t get aggressive or anything like that, he’s more scared. So he would be the not helpful dog UNTIL the tiny particle of food hits the ground!

But during moments like that, he’s nothing but a FAVORITE! My brother’s family got a puppy right around the same time we did. I was talking to my sister-in-law yesterday and was SO encouraged that it sounds like things are still very similar at their house!


My new office space is a work in progress so I can’t show any pictures quite yet, BUT I have a couple products that are FAVORITES I needed to share. This is one little side of my desk…

#1 This cute little magnetic acrylic picture frame. Comes in several different colors and is so cute! Waiting to add a picture! {I’m adding lots of picture frames and am making sure I like the set up before I order pics for each one.}

#2 Candle warmer lamp-I wanted both a candle AND a lamp in this little space. This little warmer is perfect! It has a timer so I can leave it on indefinitely, for two hours, for four hours, or for six hours. It heats the candle and keeps my space smelling delish! Plus it adds the cute little glow of a lamp.

#3 Acrylic stapler-because it’s so cute! 😉


This is a TERRIBLE pic! BUT…Bowen’s been playing basketball this winter season for the first time since he was five. Is it his FAVORITE? No, because who truly enjoys trying something you haven’t done in years? Not most of us! However, my FAVORITE thing is watching Bowen have a good attitude and continue to go out there week after week. THAT is my FAVORITE!


If you’re scrambling this weekend to decorate a Valentine’s Day box for school, be sure you check out my post from Wednesday! It’ll definitely help! Britt’s box is a FAVORITE!


Ladies, I’ve been hearing murmurings for a while.

I’ve heard the Stanley cups are headed out and these are in….

The Owala water bottle! There are so many color combinations! They’re sold at Amazon, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day treat, grab one! I haven’t tried one yet, but I’m hearing lots of reports about “the new FAVORITE water bottle”…stay tuned, friends!


Okay, friends! I’m off to kickoff my relaxing weekend! I hope whoever your cheering for this weekend scores big! Happy Friday, Friends!


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