Friday Favorites-2.10.23

Hey There, Friends! Happy, Happy FRIDAY! Andrea and I are teaming up again to share Friday Favorites. It’s that special day of the week we round up our FAVES and share them with you! We invite you to join us by linking up at the bottom of the post. :). Hope you join us! Let’s get to my favorites…

Don’t mind all the furniture in the backdrop of this picture. Things have been arriving! WAHOO!! Last Friday I attended one of my girlfriend’s birthday lunches with about twenty of her other friends. Her mom hosted and well, one of my FAVORITE things is celebrating my girlfriends so a FAVORITE! I wore an old shirt {many similar are on sale}, jeans, boots, and look how CUTE my bracelets are! They came from this IG shop and I’m in love! I didn’t even mean to match them to this top but they worked perfectly!


Last week 2/3 of my FAVORITE boys met up with 2 of the Shull boys to go on a little belated ski trip for Smith’s birthday. This year the foursome got away to ski in Whistler, Canada. My boys had an absolute BLAST! Despite the crowd of people waiting for the gondola up to the top of the mountain, they had so much fun hitting the slopes.


This past Saturday night I paired this very Free People looking top with some straight leg jeans and Nikes and then headed to the movie theater to see 80 for Brady. If you’re a woman who loves football, you should go watch. Or if you’re a woman who enjoyed Grace & Frankie, you should go watch! Super cute and funny! There is some bad language.


Don’t mind my terrible picture, BUT this soup was a FAVORITE from the week. I made this Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup. Chicken, carrots, peas, celery, noodles…I happened to line it up just perfectly for us to have a cold rainy day on THE night I had this cooking in the slow cooker. Tab said that it might have been the best soup I’ve ever made.


This is going to be one of my FAVORITE ten-year-old Bowen stories ever and it happens to be super ironic that I shared All Things Valentine’s Day earlier this week. When my kids were in preschool, we always did something a little “extra” for valentines, but in elementary school I’m a boxed valentine mom. Bowen, Britt and I were standing in the valentine aisle just this past week and Bowen looked utterly disgusted with all of his options. I kept recommending one and he’d have some excuse why it was a terrible idea. Finally he said, “Mom, I’m just gonna put a little note in everyone’s box”. I was super confused about what he was thinking and after some discussion I realized he was thinking of a putting a little post-it note that said, “Happy Valentine’s Day From Bowen”. That seemed crazy to me when we were literally standing in the aisle with valentines right in front of us. I, along with the help of a Target worker who also began attempting to convince him that Star Wars or Shark valentines were indeed, “cool”, finally threw in Jurassic Park valentines and we were off. I truly didn’t think much about it. I kept telling him that if he wasn’t into it that’s fine, but he just needs to fill them out for everyone in his class. I get it. Fourth grade boys are pretty much over this holiday, but what I wasn’t envisioning was how he decided to fill out his valentines. He marked out ALL traces of these valentines saying anything about Jurassic Park so on one side it says From: Bowen and the other side still says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. That’s it. He Sharpied right over everything else. I actually think they’re the funniest valentines ever and if you have a boy at home or have raised one, then you just know. THIS is life with a boy.


Just yesterday I shared my FAVORITE Baseball Mom Must Haves, I rounded up all the goodies I shared and even have some great custom mom gear…{And I titled this “baseball” but really it could apply to softball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.}

Rocker Sport Chair | Portable Chair | UA Water Jug | Yeti Hopper Cooler | Collapsible Wagon | Family Baseball Tees | RayBan Sunglasses | Bucket Misting Fan | IGLOO Beverage Cooler | BOGG Bag

Straw Hat | Nike Sneakers | New Balance Sneakers | Tank Top | Skort | Baseball Number Tee | Baseball Number Sweatshirt | Custom Number Hat | Custom Number TShirt | Retro Tees | Custom Hats on Jane.Com | 


One of my toxic traits is if someone mentions a really great book or bible study, I’ll purchase it {or add it to my kindle} thinking I’ll do it next and sometimes I never get around to completing the study or reading the book. I put it away and forget about it. Anyone else? So many plus sides to completing this home remodel and one is finding this study. :). I’ve heard about Kelly Minter’s Ruth study for YEARS, bought it about a year ago {and since then she’s revised and updated}. I started it this week and am absolutely loving it. Will be a FAVORITE study, for sure. I’ve always been drawn to the book of Ruth, probably because as a woman I can put myself right there in her situation. She’s married, all of a sudden a widow and has to decide to go with her mother-in-law to a land super foreign to her or remain in Moab. I just finished the lesson where we noted Ruth wept as she moved forward with Naomi. My goodness-how often in my life have I done the same. You know it’s the right step, you know it’s where God wants you to go, but whoa-does it hurt. So we weep, but we keep moving forward.


I hope you guys have a fun weekend planned. Ebby Lee has some girlfriends coming over tonight for a little, “Galentine’s Day Party”, but our Saturday is completely open! Lucky Tab, his list of “honey-dos” is approximately a mile long right now. :). Happy, Happy Friday, Friends!


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  1. 2.10.23
    Elspeth said:

    So many fun favorites! Love the Valentines Day story

  2. 2.10.23
    Karlene said:

    That is too funny about Bowen and his Valentines. I have 3 boys who are in their young twenties but this sounds like something they would have done when they were younger.

  3. 2.10.23

    I’ve been laughing about Bowen’s Valentine’s cards all week!

  4. 2.10.23
    Jenny N said:

    Love the bracelets! I’m off to purchase a few….thanks for sharing!

  5. 2.10.23
    stacy said:

    My daughter altered her cards for the boys one year in elementary too. The card would say something like, “You’re as sweet as a cookie”, and she crossed out everything but, “you’re a cookie.” Whatever it was it made me smile.

  6. 2.10.23

    As a mum of two grown up boys I totally get Bowen’s card 😂 and I think it’s spot on! Have a great weekend!

  7. 2.10.23
    GiGi said:

    That is the funniest Valentine story ever!!! I was laughing so hard reading it. My husband asked what was so funny and I had trouble reading it to him because I was still laughing. His valentines will definitely be original! Oh those boys! I can’t wait to hear about Ebby Lee’s Galentine’s night! How fun!

  8. 2.11.23
    Joanne said:

    I’ve been dying to see 80 for Brady! It looks so cute and I love all those women. I’m pretty sure I watched any movie each one of them ever starred in.