Friday Favorites-1.21.22

Hey There Weekend! Are we glad to see you?! Something happened to the temperatures in North Texas yesterday that is way outside the norm. It was COLD! I’m all about a cold day if it snows, sleets, freezing rains…just give me some sort of precipitation. But living life in the COLD, isn’t my favorite. I want an excuse to stay inside near the fire and be cozy. That isn’t what happened yesterday-hahaha!

Anyone else? Give me cold weather but please also give me some snow too.

Andrea and I are here with some FRIDAY FAVORITES! I try to contemplate big things and little things I’m experiencing, using, spotting, etc. during the week and then I save those to share with you on Fridays. I’ve got some good ones this week!

First up, this song is on repeat…in the car, in the house, on a walk, etc. It’s so good and the words are full of things I need to hear to remind myself. I listen on Pandora, but you could listen on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever platform is your favorite. My God is Still the Same by Sanctus Real…check it out…a FAVORITE!


This book, Love Her Well. I purchased from someone who recommended it. I can’t remember who so if it was you, THANK YOU! I started reading on my Kindle this week and it’s so good! Just full of good reminders about that mom/teenage daughter relationship! I’m excited to keep reading-a FAVORITE for the week!


On the topic of this, I ordered All in All by Sophie Hudson for Ebby Lee. She’d finished her last devotional and was looking for something else to start. Ebby Lee enjoys journaling and this one happens to have some questions as well as a space to journal your thoughts each day so she’s enjoying that as well.


Who else gets a little more inspired to workout with new gear? ME, that’s for sure! I’ve had this pullover but in the hoodie version and I really liked it. BUT, a hoodie just isn’t my favorite thing. When I saw it’s now offered without a hoodie, I jumped at the chance! I wear the M/L just because it’s cropped and I prefer a more oversize fit for workout pullovers. Comes in lots of colors, but really let’s talk about the neckline-THAT’S my FAVORITE part!

Again, if you prefer a hoodie this is the exact version with a hood. The color I have is sold out now, but lots of great options. This is my version without the hoodie. After Tab did that in the background, I told him, “I’m totally using that.”, which explains why this one is also in the post. 🙂 haha!


Speaking of fitness-I think I shared this app years ago but I took a really long break from using it. I just began again this week and was reminded why it was a FAVORITE. The Madeline Moves program is an app where you get access to weekly workouts ranging from strength to cardio that are all designed to be about 45 minutes to an hour. Each workout does have notes on what to do to make the workout just 30 minutes {if that speaks to you more}. This isn’t sponsored at all, but if you’re interested in a more strength training/weight lifting heavy type of workout it’s such a good program. There are options for working out at the gym or home so you can participate no matter what setting you’re in. It was a FAVORITE this week! So I’m passing it on. 🙂 I’m still working out with my bestie two days a week but this gives me a little more direction when I’m on my own.

Thank you so much for reading today! Happy, Happy Weekend to you!


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  1. 1.21.22
    Elspeth said:

    Love the photo bomb from Tab! Too funny! Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

  2. 1.21.22
    Callie said:

    Yes! I live where it’s been cold recently but no snow… give me snow if it’s gonna be cold!

    • 1.21.22
      Erika Slaughter said:


  3. 1.21.22
    Mary said:

    Happy Friday! What top are you wearing underneath? It looks so cute on you? Thank you 😊

  4. 1.22.22
    Ruth said:

    I agree with you when it comes to the cold! To me, snow feels like a reward for the freezing temperatures. Sadly we never get snow where I live. That’s probably why I have never liked winter.

    • 1.23.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      We rarely get it so I feel you!