Remember that survey I did back in December? For those of you who took the time to answer, THANK YOU! I really do go through each and every one to come up with some topics you’re truly interested in.


First of all, there’s no one that has it ALL together. So if you miss a practice, forget about a game, or maybe if picking a kid up from school happens to slip your mind…you’re not alone! It happens to us all at one point or another.

I do have some things that help me {and maybe I learned a few of these after forgetting a kid but that’s not an important detail, is it?}. And just like I’d respond with, “GIRL! THANK YOU! I got it from ____!”, if you complimented something I was wearing, I’m so happy to pass along any helpful hints I have with how I keep the ship sailing with all the things we’ve gotta remember.

#1 COZI APP-I started using this last year and basically at this point now in 2022, it’s my BFF. I never realized how much having different calendars was a bad idea for me. I’d forget my paper planner at home and then it’d be doing me no good. Now I put everything on that one calendar app. Games, practices, phone calls, appointments, vacations, etc…it’s all there together on my phone that I have with me ALL the time. I don’t pay for the app-I use the free version {and really like it so I don’t plan to start paying}. I do think it takes a little too much time to add things to the Cozi app on my phone. I find it to be so much quicker on my computer. You can login with your same account info and pull it up on your computer as well. So, schedules and such or basically anything that has more than one date-I’m adding it via my computer.

#2 Carpool as much as I can! I’m ALL about sharing the work load in the carpool game. I’ll ask friends to take turns…one will take and the other will pick up. Or we might even do one of us take and stay for practice, then next time they do? That whole saying about, “It Takes a Village”…well, whoever started that definitely carpooled. I’m certain.

#3 *This is a work in progress* but I attempt to have my kids’ take some responsibilities. They should know when practice is or what time the game starts. This can get a little tricky since they don’t have phones yet but any information that was relayed during practice they should know.

#4 One thing about having more kids than we do parents is sometimes there are more things happening at once than we have adults. Know what I mean? I’ll always ask grandparents first if they can attend to watch {if it’s a game}. If it’s a practice then I’ll attempt a carpool or get a sitter to drive them. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you have to ask their favorite sitter or one of their friends moms to cheer extra loud for your kiddo too. I’d be happy to stand in for a mom friend and have many friends happy to do that for mine. A friend whose kids are a bit older than mine told me one time that when you add more kids than parents to your family there are things we all have to sacrifice but that’s also a big ol’ extra dose of love we’re all giving/receiving. Take Britt for instance, that girl has three big kids along with two parents who love her dearly. We all celebrate with her successes, snuggle her when she’s sad, and love that girl to pieces. She’s got five cheerleaders at all times.

#5 Schedule it Sundays-I make a big game plan for the week on Sunday. From groceries ordered to meal prep to practice uniforms found to practice times highlighted…and then I make a game plan. So much of if our week is running smoothly is built on how prepared I am for the week. Tonight for instance, I can already tell you-there’s a basketball game and then a baseball practice after and Tab’s out of town so we’ll pop through a drive-thru for dinner on the way from one to the other. I scheduled it on Sunday. 😉

Am I perfect at this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I mess up and forget things, but with those tips I’ve come a long way. Hopefully, if you’re struggling something you read will help you too!

Thanks for popping in to read today! Friday Favorites are back tomorrow and I have some really great things to share!


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  1. 1.20.22
    Elspeth said:

    Great tips! I love the idea of having everything in your phone app calendar!

  2. 1.24.22
    JoAnne said:

    What is the advantage of the Cozi calendar vs. a phone’s built-in calendar? Did you ever use your phone’s calendar?

    • 1.24.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi JoAnne! Cozi will send you and anyone you’ve signed up for the calendar a weekly e-mail with what you have going on for the week. You can add meals into the meal planner section and then your meals are listed as well. I’d say those are the two differences but overall the look is easier for me too.