Friday Favorites-1.14.22

This week has flown by. Already to Friday with a three-day weekend? SIGN ME UP!

I’ve MISSED Friday Favorites! What happens {just in case you’re new here} is every Friday my girl, Andrea, and I host a link-up called Friday Favorites. We invite bloggers to join us by linking to us, grabbing our graphic, and then adding your blog to the link-up at the bottom of this post! It’s a great way for you to find new blogs to read and for others to get their blogs out there.

Here are my faves from the week…

If you remember last year I participated in The Bible Recap’s read-through-the-Bible program. You can read all about that study right here in this post I shared last year. I’d never read through the Bible prior to 2021 and I committed to digging deep all year long. I didn’t add any other studies because I wanted to make sure I took plenty of time as I read to answer questions and dive a little deeper. I’m so glad I did it and I’d recommend it to all of you!

This year I’m doing something different-diving into studies because I missed that last year {and who knows what 2023 will have in store}. I’m kicking off the year with Matchless by Angie Smith. I did her Seamless study several years ago and really enjoyed how she reminded us how every event from Genesis to Jesus’ arrival was tied together. I thought it was good for new believers, a great “recap” type of study because you hit lots of big events throughout, and Christians who have been diving into God’s word for years. So far Matchless seems to be similar but instead we’re really dissecting Jesus’ time here on earth. I’m on week three and am a fan! The only thing I’d say is if you’re looking for a really in-depth theological study, this isn’t it. It is having me look at Bible stories I’ve heard for years with new eyes and that’s a FAVORITE!


Up next is a FAVORITE top for February! I shared this on my InstaStories but one thing I’m vowing to do better is share sooner. What a goal! ha! I tend to get something I order, share it for an occasion/day/whatever just fill in the blank and by the time I get around to sharing it with you then…

  1. You can’t order because there’s not enough time before Valentine’s Day.
  2. It’s already sold out.

It’s a goal of mine-to share sooner! I ordered a few things from Loft because while I don’t shop there often throughout the year I think they always seem to kill it in the Valentine/heart themed tops around this time of year. And I wasn’t disappointed. This heart top is a soft fuzzy sweatshirt and is on 40% off as I type {hope that’s still the case}. I ordered my TTS but in the arms could have sized up one so keep that in mind. I front tucked it for a little extra shape and will be able to dress it up or pair it with joggers. Cute, Valentine FAVORITE kind of top!


Call me a broken record. I know. I know.

But I think this movie deserves at spot in my Friday Faves…it’s a FAVORITE! Now is the acting THE very best? Probably not but the story is so very good. It’s the kind of movie you’ll leave the theater inspired after watching. You know that kind? All of my kids watched and enjoyed-probably wasn’t Britt’s favorite but she didn’t complain. We all left talking about different parts of Kurt’s story, how hard his life seemed at times, and might have even discussed what his mom was thinking at points {because that’s what I do now}. Seriously, you should watch!

This is a quote that summarizes my January every year. ha! When I think about this task there’s no good time for us to do it other than January so I try to hit it hard. So far, seven bags of trash/donated items have left this house and this weekend that’s what’s on the agenda.

If this is you too or is a goal for your year, you should be following along with the Simplified IG. Emily Ley does a 30 days to Simplified Challenge. She gives a plan for each day…might be organize the junk drawers, might be clean out your car, might be clean out your e-mails. But by the end of the 30 days, you should feel ready to tackle the year!

Decluttering is a FAVORITE of mine…just something I’m not good at doing all throughout the year. I know my skill set and that just doesn’t happen to be one of them. So by tackling it this month I’ll feel ready to tackle the year. Just a little encouragement for you as well if you fall on the I-declutter-all-the-time side of things or the I-hit-it-hard-once-a-year.


We laughed about for a while on Christmas Eve. The boots on the left are the boots Marla bought me. Boots on the right are the boots we bought Marla. Clearly, great minds, right? Hahaha! I love the boots she chose for me-new FAVORITE!

That’s it…all the FAVORITES I’ve got today! We have a fun evening scheduled with friends tonight. Tomorrow the boys will be gone so it’ll be GIRL TIME {Britt probably loves this the most-ha!}. It’s gonna be a good one. Hope you have the best kind of weekend. See you back here on Tuesday!


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  1. 1.14.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love organizing and decluttering in January! It always feels so good to start fresh!

    • 1.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Me too!! 🙂

  2. 1.14.22

    Those boots are SUPER cute!!!

    • 1.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!

  3. 1.14.22
    Mary said:

    So glad you are back! I missed reading your blog. Can you share a picture with your new boots on? I would love to see them styled before I buy.

    • 1.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes! I’ll wear them today and take a pic! Working for a bit before I shower. 🙂 Do you follow on IG? I’ll post there {and then share here next week just in case}. Thank you!

      • 1.14.22
        Mary said:

        I do follow you on Instagram. I just ordered them I didn’t want them to sell out 😊

  4. 1.14.22
    Sheaffer said:

    That’s hysterical about the boots!

    • 1.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Isn’t that funny?

  5. 1.14.22
    Andrea said:

    Super interested in the Bible studies you mentioned. Would you recommend one before the other or does it matter? Thanks!

    • 1.14.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I don’t think it matters. I think Seamless did a FANTASTIC job of tying everything from Genesis all the way to Jesus. Whether you’re a new Christian or someone who just wants a great refresher, it’s good. The only thing I’d say is if you’re looking for a super, deep study-that probably isn’t it. I’d recommend Seamless first. Matchless spends one week in the Old Testament and then the rest of the seven weeks are all about Jesus. They’re really good-videos are just ten-ish minutes once a week and I always just rent them from Lifeway {because it’s the least expensive option}. Hope you enjoy!

  6. 1.14.22
    julie bradford said:

    So glad your back!!! Blog looks great… the first time I was like this font is weird 😛 anyway so happy you are back!! Enjoy your weekend!

    • 1.15.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      YES! That first font-SUPER weird!! Been praying for you, friend! XO

  7. 1.16.22
    Joanne said:

    …And I just ordered that adorable heart sweater! Thanks for the heads up (and it was more than 40% off by then!).

    • 1.16.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh YAY!! That’s a great surprise!