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 How was your weekend?  My kids have the day off and WE ARE LOVING IT!  When the weather is nice out and we’re at home, I feel almost guilty for being super lazy but in the winter I have no guilt.  Give me ALL THE LAZY WINTER days.  🙂  My winter weekends have been so lazy that I dare you to ask me if my Christmas tree is still up.  Tab and I have had big intentions every weekend and we lose our motivation around 10:00 a.m. every Saturday.  It’s happening sometime this week though.

Today, I’m talking about something I’m LOVING…
The Bible Recap!

Before I start, I want to remind you I’m by no means a Bible Recap expert. For the record I’ve only been working through this plan for the last 17 days {because I started a day late}, but I found this plan through a friend who shared she’d been reading through it in 2020.  I’m here to pass this on to you!

The Bible Recap’s plan is a chronological plan to read through the entire bible in one year.  So far it’s varied from two to four chapters a day for my daily reading.  And The Bible Recap then takes those chapters that we read and breaks them down into well, for lack of a better word, a recap.  The Recap breaks it down in such a way it’s super easy to understand.

You can find all the ways to get started right here on their website.

This seems like a plan you can make work for you depending on whatever amount of time you have to commit…there are groups you can be a part of to dive deeper into the daily reading, the study guide questions can be answered, and more.  Or you can read the verses and the recap in under twenty minutes.  It can be adapted for whatever type of program you’re looking for.

This is what I’m doing…I read the daily chapters, then the recap in the Bible Recap book, read the study guide daily questions and answer those and then listen to the podcast.  I’m also finishing up a devotional book and will change it up a bit with whatever I do with it-simply because the exact same thing for 365 days sounds like a lot to me. 

I purchased the Bible Recap book {I found it on sale at} and the Bible Recap study guide {this guide has 2-5 questions for each day}.  I got lots of questions about these.  Do you have to have them?  Absolutely not!  The book is pretty much the podcast but in written word.  The podcast might have just a little more information.  I like reading and listening but it’s absolutely not necessary.  

If you have the YouVersion Bible App, you can find this plan under The Bible Recap with Tara-Leigh Cobble.  Once you begin, it’s easy to stay on track with this app.  I use the app, but read the verses in my bible.  I will add here-The Bible Recap uses the ESV.  

I got TONS of messages via Instagram about how many of you guys are doing this plan in 2021 {and many of you have done it before} and are LOVING it!!

Some questions I received {many of these were asked multiple times}…

*Am I using an ESV Bible? 
No, I wasn’t but after two weeks of using my NIV, I decided I’d prefer to be using the same version so I ordered one and am awaiting it’s arrival.  You don’t have to though.

*Is the book easier to follow than the app?
No, the book is {almost} the equivalent to the podcast…it’s the podcast in book form.

*How much time each day do you need?
I’d say it’s really up to you!  But at the least-I’d say 15-20 minutes.  I’ve heard from many of you that you listen to the podcast while you’re getting ready.  I like listening in the early morning with a quiet house and a cup of coffee.

*Am I using a certain system for highlighting?
No, I take little notes for myself in my bible but don’t use a highlighting system.

*Do you need a certain bible for this?
No, the app {or you can even print out the plan} tells you what chapters to read each day and you read those from your own bible or directly from the app.  

*Do you think it’s boring?
No, not at all.  I’m sure some books are more challenging {I’m looking at you Numbers and Leviticus}, but for now I’m reading Genesis and Job-it hasn’t been boring at all.

If you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out the show notes.  On certain days, you’ll find links to The Bible Project’s introduction to a new book or other resources allowing us to dig deeper into certain verses.

Again, I’m no expert or Bible scholar but am a mom/wife/daughter/friend who’s found a new Bible plan this year that’s helping me learn so much about God’s word.  2021 is going to be a great year!  I’m so excited about reading through this with many of you! 

If you have any other questions, {I think I answered most that I got through IG}, please let me know and if you’ve read this plan {or are reading}, let us know what you think!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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