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Hi There, Friends!

Happy Monday! I was texting with a friend over the weekend who was sick and felt bad for days. I told her I was finally feeling like myself yesterday. So, if you or your house is sick, hang in there! This little bout of illnesses are lasting a while!

It’s been unseasonably warm here lately {minus the cold bit of rain we had yesterday during my boys’ football practices}. They all came home {Tab included} talking about FREEZING it was outside. I’m saying that to say that I always find more time to read or watch television when it’s cold outside. I need Mother Nature to give me another big bout of cold before spring.

One of my goals for the new year was to read more and I read three books in January so I’m starting off strong. Let’s see what happens in May when all the kids have end of year things, practices, etc. But for now I’m relishing in my first goal met! ha!

How to Stay Married-I heard about this book on two different podcasts where it was rated one of the best books these ladies had read the ENTIRE year! So when the ladies in my family started our Book Club, I chose first and picked this book. Harrison Scott Key shares the good, the bad, and the ugly details of how he stayed married after learning his wife was having an affair. Often times we hear this play out from the other side of things, right? The husband is cheating on the wife, but we learn what started the affair, how they handled it, and how Harrison chose love over and over and over again. The theme of the book was just that which I appreciated and it was really cool to read what God can do in a marriage where one spouse is unconditionally loving when the other spouse wants out. But, with that said, I don’t recommend this one. It was written very sarcastically, very dry and just wasn’t my cup of tea. All the ladies in my family weren’t impressed and felt the same. Some felt even more hardcore about it than me. ha! I keep going back to those podcasters LOVING it and I’m thinking it has to be related to the fact they’re also writers. Maybe as a writer reading something where someone is baring their soul and not holding back is encouraging? Again, just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The Last Love Note-I read this one after Shay chose it for her book club pick in January. Chick lit books are not my typical go-to when choosing a book. Usually as soon as the meet cute happens, it’s like WHY am I wasting my time seeing how these two are actually gonna fall in love. So, I never would have picked this book up on my own and there was a little twist in that I would have guessed the meet cute involved a different guy. A widowed single mom learns about the last love note her husband wrote and in the mean time she falls for someone who’s been in her corner for years. Sweet, sweet story but it left me thinking about all the single moms who have to live this life solo without that person waiting in the wings. UGH! Heart breaking. If you’re into chick lit books, give this one a read!

The River We Remember-Definitely my favorite book of the month! A friend recommended this in a, “It’s similar to Where the Crawdads Sing”, type of way. There’s a murder in the tiny town of Jewel, Minnesota, and rumors are flying about the WWII veteran who recently returned being the murderer. The sheriff conducts an investigation and unlocks much about the citizens of town as well as his own past. This was SUCH a good book! Add it to your Kindle or night stand before the weather warms up! haha!

The Gilded Age-Tab and I love having a show at night we enjoy watching together but it’s just hard for us to find time in the evenings. Now is our season though! We’ve been loving The Gilded Age. It’s all about the time period between “Old Money” and “New Money” so to speak, as well as the old ways versus the new ways. We just finished season one and are anxious to start season two!

Outcry-A sports documentary about a football player in Texas who’s convicted of a crime. He continues to share his innocence and well, I don’t wanna give too much away but someone else has a part in the story.

American Nightmare-This documentary was SO GOOD! It’s about a home invasion that leads to a kidnapping and when the woman turns up days later no one knows what has happened. This is just a three episode series that was so interesting and shocking all at the same time!

Paris in Love-Yes, yes, I did. When I was in bed last weekend, I watched the entire two seasons of Paris in Love. I’m certain I slept through some episodes but it didn’t seem to matter. In this reality show about Paris falling in love and then Paris becoming a mom you get to see a different side of Paris Hilton.

The Traitors-I tried to watch this show last season but couldn’t get into it. So many of my favorite housewives and Big Brother alums star in this challenge type reality show where guests are “killed” {really just voted out of the house}.

Daniel-I’m only two weeks into this Beth Moore study of Daniel but I’m already loving it. Beth does an amazing job of showcasing the parallels between Daniel’s Babylon and our society today.

Matchless-My other bible study group is working our way through Matchless. This group is only on week three but we’re making our way through the life of Jesus.

Okay, friends! That wraps up what’s been keeping me entertained in January. What about YOU? Do you have any recommendations?


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