The Day it Snowed…a Lot!!!

Daddy worked from home so he was able to take a few minutes and enoy the snow with the Miss Priss. First, we put her coat and hat on over her pajamas and decided we’d just take a couple pictures.
Letting her touch the snow.

Then we came in and got warm. I dressed her up (since we were stuck in the house) and we tried to take some cute pictures. Her eyes kept watering and her nose kept running. That should have been my first clue that she wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t get it! I just thought she was teething…so we kept up the photo shoot.

Ebby Lee smiling, but not looking at the camera!

Then we decided we should probably let her get down and “play” in the snow a little, because this might never happen again in Texas. I put her in about 3 layers of clothes, and Daddy took her outside to play.

Justin and Amber came over and they all built a snowman. Ebby Lee set with me under a blanket. I’m kind of a weenie when it comes to snow. I don’t like being cold just to play in that wet stuff! So, she cuddled with me under the blanket and we watched.

Amber and Bella in the snow.
Side note…the next day, Ebby Lee had a fever and threw up (which was one of the worst experiences of my life…I am NOT looking forward to that happening ever again). A couple days later we took her to the doctor b/c the nights were killing us and she had an ear infection! Next time, I’ll probably pay attention to those clues a little more?? Anyway, she is taking meds and now feeling SO much better.

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