Random Random Random…

Ebby Lee loved getting to play with her Valentine Cards. Thank you Nanny, Grandma Hency, and Grandma Campbell for those pretty cards.
She has officially stopped baby food. She wants NOTHING to do with it. It’s not so much the food as the feeding. She wants to feed herself. Since she doesn’t know how to operate a spoon or fork yet, that means she wants to pick the food up!! This was a ravioli and mixed veggies night. She was a big fan…can you tell??

Such a mess, but so proud of herself!

Kirby came over to play. The girls didn’t actually play together, but for the first time ever….they played with the same toys. Normally, they like to act like they don’t even notice there’s another small person around, but this time was completely different. Ebby Lee would follow Kirby all around the house. They’re really growing up!

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