Currently…Almost to the School Finish Line

Hey There! Whew! We are almost there, friends! The end of our school year is in sight! I think we can…I think we can…I think we can. 🙂

These blog posts are always fun for me to write and it’s been a while since I’ve shared a little of what’s CURRENTLY going on around here. Let’s get right to it!

Making: As I finish up this post it’s Sunday evening and I’m making tacos for our Cinco de Mayo dinner. We’re having tacos and guacamole. Taco meat is one thing I could reheat and eat for leftovers days later. I’ll add different toppings for a taco salad or add it to rice for a taco bowl. The possibilities are endless and well, looks like I’ll have some great lunches this week with the leftovers.

Cooking: Oops! I should have looked ahead before answering that above with tacos! ha! I’m really good at meal planning and even in the middle of a baseball tournament have been known to pull out my phone to meal plan and order groceries for the following week. Last week I was a total failure though! We limped through the week eating food we picked up or had delivered. I’m determined to COOK this week. The meal plan is happening right after this post is finished. 🙂

Drinking: This is the time of year my water intake is at an all time high because it’s getting WARM here in North Texas. In the winter my dry skin could use more water and I try to make myself drink more water. This time of year it’s easy to get all those ounces in!

Eating: {Okay, I got this list YEARS ago from a friend who blogged. She shared and I thought it was just fun to read. But I never realized how many of these prompts are about food! ha!} This week I’m determined to cut down on the random frozen food I’ve accumulated in the freezer. For instance, cauliflower rice, okra, and edamame are a few items we like to eat and I find myself throwing a bag into my order when I’m not sure if we need it or not. Then I have multiple bags in the freezer at a time.

Reading: I just started reading Come and Get It by Kiley Reid. I snagged it because it was a Good Morning America Book Club pick and it was about the University of Arkansas. I’m still undecided on if I’m a fan but I’m currently reading it now.

Wanting: I’m also listening to Paris The Memoir on Audible. After I shared last week about loving Minka Kelly’s book a sweet reader recommended Paris’. I WANT to talk to someone who’s read this book and it’d be a bonus if that person has also read Minka Kelly’s book. Two completely different backgrounds, two completely different approaches to building a life and I just happened to read them back to back so I’ve been comparing them. And I really WANT to talk to someone about this! ha!

Looking: Around our house for what’s making this humming noise. When we were in Cabo, my mom told me something in our house was going off and they couldn’t figure it out either. Well, here we are a few weeks later and it’s still happening and we have no idea what the sound is and where it’s coming from. But, we’re looking…

Playing: Pickleball…we just played a game this evening! It’s all the rage everywhere, isn’t it? Even Britt will practice in our driveway up against the wall and has gotten pretty good!

Wasting: My time by looking at the Weather App on my phone. Last weekend it did me dirty and it happened again this weekend. I should just stopping looking at the forecast! URG!

Buying: Another dog bed to help Champ find the one that’s the most comfortable. hahahaha! WHAT is even wrong with me? I bought him a bed when he was a puppy but now that he’s gotten bigger he hangs off that one. There’s no way it’s comfortable. Right?

Wishing: I could stop time for just a bit or figure out a way to SLOW IT DOWN!

Loving: That it’s ALMOST time for the SEC Baseball Tournament. It’s taken my boys years to wear me down but here I am PUMPED about that being on tv again soon.

Hoping: I get a really great night’s sleep. I slept GREAT all week and then over the weekend I’ve slept terribly. But I see memes like this everywhere and think that it can’t just be me?!

Marveling: At how Tab can lay down, immediately go to sleep and STAY asleep all night. It’s really a magic trick he has. 😉

Needing: To find a great local place who does a train/board program for dogs. I’m thinking while we’re out of town this summer and we’d need to find somewhere for Champ to go, it’d be a great time to get him some extra training. If you’re local and you have a name, please let me know!

Smelling: Tacos on the stove! DELISH!!

Wearing: Today might have been one of the warmest days we’ve had so far this year and it ALMOST put me in that mode where I go from my REAL workout clothes to the shower to my nicer workout clothes. Do you guys know what I’m talking about?

Praying: For a girlfriend who’s really sick. Goodness, my mama heart is praying big for her and her family.

Noticing: That eleven-year-old Bowen is getting close to my height. Seems like Nixon and I were just measuring to see who’s taller and in a blink, he shot right past me.

Knowing: Every summer I tell myself that next summer I don’t need to sign the kids up for as many camps, VBS’s, programs, etc. but I know every year I’ll do it again. I haven’t learned where the fine line is of the PERFECT amount of extra-curricular fun mixed with down time. I did leave off an entire week of camp for summer 2024 so maybe I’m getting somewhere this year. Fingers crossed!

Thinking: That if you’re still reading this, THANK YOU!

Opening: GRADUATION announcements! EEEEKKK!!!! I love getting them from sweet family friends and am terrified about getting closer to sending those myself. Time, there you go again!

Giggling: About me going from not a dog person to just last week Champ was lethargic one afternoon and I RUSHED him to the vet. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?! I told a neighbor that I was so worried that I took him to the vet for her to check. I wish I could describe to you that way she looked at me when I said it. She started laughing and well, I still giggle when I think about it. Who even am I?!

I’m off to get my meal plan ready for the week! Just a few more school days left, mamas! We got this!


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