Whew! Being out of town is always so fun but it takes me a couple days to catch up on all the things. Mainly, I’m looking at you, laundry. 🙂

Periodically, I do these “Currently” posts where I give you a look at what’s happening lately.

Making: A LOT of home decisions. I just got off the phone with our contractor and my goodness, it’s a bit overwhelming. I’m a slow decision maker so everything about choosing all the things makes me a bit nervous.

Cooking: TACO SALADS! Taco salads are one of my favorite meals. Tonight {I’m typing this Tuesday afternoon}, we’re having taco meat with black beans mixed in, tomatoes, salsa, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, French dressing {because the only thing I remember about being a Girl Scout is that I should always serve Taco Salads with French dressing}, and Doritos. I’ll just set it all out and each of us will add what we prefer.

Drinking: Coffee, coffee, coffee and it’s almost La Croix season for me.

Eating: Is it weird to say that I’m already looking forward to my taco salad leftovers for lunch tomorrow?

Reading:  I’m finally reading American Dirt. It’s been on my Kindle for years and I’ve finally started.

Wanting: To find a new foundation…do you have a favorite? I think I need to get some that’s a little darker-more like my summer shade. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Serum Foundation, which I’ve really liked but it’s a more winter foundation.

Looking: For some cute, casual summer clothes for Britty. Old Navy has some CUTE finds right now!

Playing: H-O-R-S-E with Nixon in my spare time. He thinks it’s fun to beat me and I think it’s fun to trash talk.

Wasting: Blueberries…I just had a grocery pick up order and the blueberries already have mold. UGH!

Buying: Bathroom Mirrors…super random? 😉

Sewing: It’s been YEARS!

Wishing: Someone would come and pack up the downstairs up for me. I know I mentioned it above but we’ve got a pretty tight deadline and that just sounds like a lot of work at the moment. Kitchen, master closet, bedroom…yep, yep, I’m wishing for a packer helper right about now.

Loving: I absolutely love watching my kids play sports they enjoy. The spring season is busy, busy with games all weekend long and practices during the week, but I absolutely love it!

Hoping: A few other listeners were inspired by The Bestie Breakdown yesterday. I got THE SWEETEST e-mail from a mom in the trenches of potty training and she went on and on about how timely the latest episode was, how she laughed, how she was encouraged, and well-just reading her e-mail did the same for me.

Marveling: At how God uses things just like a podcast to speak to us…that’s so cool

Needing: To get the birthday things all lined up…from making the day a little special to some birthday presents to the birthday events we have planned I just need to get it all lined up!

Smelling: My candle situation is still stuck in winter mode. I’ve been lighting a fir candle the past week. It seems counter productive to purchase more things

Wearing: SPRING CLOTHES…I wore shorts today! Can you believe it?

Praying: Praying for some family things right now.

Noticing: That we need a couple new chairs around our fire pit. It’s on my mental to-do list for Tab. haha! He’s unaware that list exists.

Knowing: I’m thankful for all of you still reading. 🙂

Thinking: We just figured this out…Ebby Lee and Nixon were both born in April, me and Tab were born in August, and Britt and Bowen were born in November. Tab and Nixon were born on Mondays, me and Bowen were born on Tuesdays, and Britt and Ebby Lee were born on Thursdays…what are the odds, right?

Opening: Depending on when you read this, I’m probably opening my inbox and getting to work.

Giggling: About all the stories I’ve gotten from Britt about how Tab did it while I was out of town. I’ve been told she might be being a tad dramatic when she shares information with me, but either way-it’s pretty funny.

Okay, that’s my mid-week check in! I hope you guys are CURRENTLY doing great! See you back here tomorrow!


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  1. 4.6.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love these currently posts! They are always so fun to read!

  2. 4.6.22
    Britt wilkerson said:

    Are you all moving or remodeling? I must have missed that blog 😫

    • 4.6.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Britt! I don’t think I got super detailed! We’re renovating this house we live in-not moving!

  3. 4.6.22

    I loved this post! Girl, your list is long of things to do. I’m going to start checking some off of there for you! I’ll go have Andrew buy you some patio chairs. We both know he’s going to Home Depot today anyway as part of his “chores”. 😉

  4. 4.8.22
    Sheaffer said:

    Fun list! This week we’ve tried to buy a new oor and new pendant lighting for above our kitchen island. We haven’t been able to do it, and I swear it’s completely taken over just about my entire week! You must be soooo overwhelmed with all of the choices!