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Hi Friends! If you read my Friday Favorites {on a Thursday} last week then you probably realized my Easter basket graphic had major issues! With this whole blog update thing, I had some new kinks to work out. I got everything working and wanted to share that graphic plus some other fun Easter things you might want to try with your family.

  1. Skip Balls-these are the perfect gift to add to an Easter basket right before summer! All four of my kids think these are fun in the pool and Tab does too. 😉
  2. Natives-if you haven’t jumped on the Native shoe train yet, what are you waiting for? They’re the easiest summer shoe for kids. Britt slides hers on so easily and they pop right off. They come in so many colors and also this new style Andrea shared a while back. I got the white for Britt and we’ve gotten so many compliments.
  3. Dino Taco Stand-looking to make taco night a little more fun? Well, this is just the thing to do it.
  4. Leopard Satin Pillowcase-Ebby Lee is a fan of this pillowcase…helps hair, skin, etc…so I’m a fan too!
  5. Fidget Ball Poppers-a great little addition to any basket for kids of all ages.
  6. Natives-remember, they come in all sizes so no matter your preference Native has a color for you.
  7. Blink card game-these are such a great game to throw in a bag for travel, backpack for sporting event, or any where you might find yourself with some extra time.
  8. Theodore Boone books-I have one son who loves to read and one who’d like to do anything but read. :). Bowen isn’t quite ready for these books just yet but I’ve heard such good things about them I decided to add it in case yours is.
  9. Water Bottle-is our family the only one who loses water bottles? Happens a lot around here and these are CUTE!
  10. Easter Egg Flying Balls-these flying balls have ended up in many Christmas stockings over the years so an Easter basket just felt right.
  11. Smiley Face Hat-Ebby Lee wore this hat on the beach almost daily!
  12. Water Balloons-always a hit and I love any toy that will get everyone outside.
  13. Glow in the Dark Net-all my kids will get outside and play basketball so this would work for anyone!
  14. Splash Swim Goggles-Britt’s FAVORITE goggles hands down!
  15. Beyblades-Bowen isn’t into these anymore but he was for a while. It was one of the toys he’d play with inside {so many boy toys are outside things so I appreciated a rainy day toy}.

In case you need a cute dress idea, most of these can arrive in time for Easter Sunday….

*These are some of our favorite sweet treats that not only taste good but have such a good meaning for Easter.

*Another GREAT activity for kids around Easter is making these Resurrection Eggs and then walking through the story with them over and over.

*Since we don’t have much family in town, we usually do something small to celebrate Easter. Usually a lunch out after church with family is a simple way we celebrate. We’ve actually visited Mexican restaurants multiple times just because most other people aren’t eating that for Easter. Makes for a much quicker lunch experience. :). Maybe you should give chips/salsa a shot as well.

*My kids also enjoy watching the Bible television series leading up to Easter. It’s the perfect thing to organically get lots of conversations started.

That picture above is from Easter 2018-I couldn’t resist it!

Okay, I’m off to make sure I have some sweet, special things to begin our Easter Sunday. Have a great day, friends!


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  1. 4.7.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love all the basket ideas items!!

  2. 4.7.22

    I mean…how sweet is Britty?! Oh my word!

  3. 4.8.22
    Sheaffer said:

    Oooh! Great Easter Basket ideas!