Cowboys, Friends, and Halloween…

 Last week at school, the teachers had college/NFL shirt day.  I figured since my kiddos have a jersey…they should participate!  So we all did!  We sported our Cowboy’s gear!
 Cutest Miles Austin ever?  ha!
 Friday we met some of our friends at Freebird’s for dinner and then we played afterwards.  I love this picture because it captures someone else’s kiddo with their tongue out!  ha!
 We got dressed in our Halloween pajamas (from last year), loaded up, and went to look for Halloween decorations.  My kiddos are obsessed this year.  There’s a house down the street that has three big blow up pumpkin things out and we walk down there to look every night they’re up!
 Silly boy!
 We went to Ms. Narci’s house for a little fall fun!  Look how cute the table was!  Nixon is looking SO innocent and cute in this picture because right after this picture was taken he probably did something super naughty!!  ha!
These girls were working hard on decorating a cookie!


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  1. 10.19.12
    Haley Bishop said:

    You are such a fun mommy 🙂 Halloween shopping in jammies looks like a blast!