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 Wednesday afternoon we met Tab downtown to go to the State Fair of Texas!!  Ebby Lee and Nixon were so excited.  She remembered things from last year and seriously talked about it all year long!  Nixon heard Ebby Lee talk about it ALL year long so he was just as excited!  We’re suckers for a fun little corny show so our first stop was the Backyard Circus.
 Tab and I were so disappointed.  We thought we were going to watch a super small version of a circus.  Wrong!  We watched kids pretend to be lions.  Kids pretended to walk a tight rope.  I’m sure you get the idea.
 Ebby Lee volunteered with 20 other little girls to be ballerinas at the circus.
 Before they had to actually act, she backed out.  So, we slid out the back door!
 On to another show, we thought the kiddos would love watching the horse show.  Wrong again!  This horse show was a lot of talking and explaining.  Not so fun for the kiddos!

 It did feel so good to sit down though!  After a few minutes of show #2, we bailed again.  (And vowed to not try any more shows for the night!)  ha!
 The petting zoo is always a hit!!
 Check out that big camel behind them!
 My two handsome guys!

 Then we headed over to the Little Hands Farm area.  Love this crazy crew! 
 They got aprons and baskets and had to go through the entire process of being a farmer.  Planting seeds, watering the seeds, picking the vegetables, milking cows….you get it!
 Farmer Nixon refused to wear an apron!  ha!  But…he’s feeding his chickens corn.

 Farmer Ebby Lee (or pirate Ebby Lee…what is this face?) and I milked a cow.
 Nixon fed the cow some corn for us.
 Last year, we started through that exhibit and turned around…but this year they loved it!
 After a super delicious meal of fair food, it was ride time!!  This girl loves her some rides!  She would have ridden them all!  She was excited about this one because there was a mermaid in the middle!
 These two handsome guys watched Ebby Lee.  Nixon wasn’t feeling the rides, which is so funny to me.  He’s so crazy and energetic 99% of the time that it surprises me that he’d just rather watch!
 Daddy talked him in to one ride though.  They were on these dune buggy/four wheeler things trying to shoot gorilla/monsters?  It went really slow and another plus…Daddy rode with him!
 Love this picture!

 Daddy was the lucky one that got to ride all the rides this year.  Ebby Lee rode on her very first roller coaster.  It wasn’t anything big and crazy, but it went up, down, and around pretty quickly.  Tab said that she was screaming and laughing the entire way!
 One more ride before the parade, the swings!
 Loved it again!
We made it to the parade spot just in time to watch!  Nixon told me that his favorite part was the horse in the parade.  Ebby Lee liked seeing the fuzzy cow??  Her words…not mine!  We had an awesome time at the fair this year.  We’re ready for next year!  Hard to believe we’ll be taking 3 kiddos next year!

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  1. 10.20.12
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Great pics! Love the last one of the family!!!

  2. 10.27.12
    amber leann said:

    Love that outfit!! I need to buy from you!! Lol