Back on Track…

 I’m trying to catch up and get back on track with this blog!!  Last weekend on Friday night, we met the Smiths and Bishops (minus the daddies) at the mall for a little dinner and play time.  The Bishops had some shopping to do and I forgot to take pictures while everyone was there!!  But…we joined the Smiths at the bookstore.
 Silly kiddos!!!
 Saturday after the soccer game…snack time!  My homegirl actually made some contact with the ball this week!!  Big DEAL in the Slaughter house!! 
 We talked about kicking the ball the entire drive to the soccer game.  Nixon finally piped in and said, “Ebby Lee, will you please kick the ball?”.  ha!  Like…enough already?  Don’t know what the fuss is about…just kick it??
 This past Saturday night, the Easons (minus the daddies) came over for a jack-o-lantern pizza and spooky cat cookies.  Papa Murphy’s makes a fun pumpkin pizza!  My kids LOVED it!
 4 crazy kiddos at the end of the night!!
 Nixon, Carter, Ebby Lee, & Olivia
 Today was picture day at school.  Daddy was sick so he was still home before we left.  He TRIED to take a picture of us.  Right after this picture, Tab told Nixon to open his eyes. 
 Nixon turns into strong-willed two-year-old boy and refused to smile and (next pic) even take part in our picture fun!!  Story of my life with that stubborn guy!!
Ebby Lee and I are looking strained.  Nixon is refusing.  So…Tab gave up!  ha!  Hope they did better for the photographer than they did for us this morning!!  

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