Cabo 2024

We’re BACK! Tab and I got to spend five days in the absolutely GORGEOUS Cabo San Lucas. He had a work trip for part of the time and then we extended our stay for a few days of absolute relaxation before heading back home. I’ve got a little trip recap for you! Before I get to it, HUGE shout out to my mom who held down the fort with all the things for the kids while we were gone + Champ! I packed several new things and if it’s in stock or still available I linked it for you!

Here’s a little recap…

We arrived early on Sunday morning to the beautiful Hilton Los Cabos. What a VIEW!

This resort was one of the few with a swimmable beach so we had not only gorgeous views of the water but could actually get in the ocean here as well.

We arrived, checked in, and immediately changed to head down to the beach. {My pool hat is this one!}

On this particular day the waves were pretty rough and the waters was super chilly. But the water and the sky…stunning!

Gorgeous views!

Tab’s work trip kicked off that evening with a cocktail reception on the whale watching terrace {where we ACTUALLY spotted whales!}. What are the odds, right? I sized down in this dress and am in a 2 but it was perfect for a breezy evening yet it was still long enough I wasn’t worried about anything showing. And I’m wearing these platform sandals in “light natural” but they come in a couple other colors.

A little peek at our room before we completely unpacked. We were on the ground floor so our patio walked right out to the pool.

Views from the whale watching terrace…

And the other side 🙂

That evening this was the ONLY pic I got. BOO! We went to El Huerto for a not only gorgeous but delicious dinner with a crew. It’s a farm to table spot with stunning flowers, lights, and yummy food. My only regret was not getting there earlier so we could have seen all the beauty in the day time. {But work…}

On Monday morning Tab had meetings/golf the entire day. So I was on my own. I went to the gym, had breakfast, worked from my patio while I sipped coffee, and then…

Got ready for the pool…I snagged a few things from Cupshe just to try and this romper was one of them. I’m in a medium and it was cute. My sandals are from last year but still available and still in great shape!

My lunch was one of the most delicious poke bowls pool side!

And that evening we had dinner with a group at El Farallon. Imagine cliffside dining with ocean views at the Waldorf Astoria. ABSOLUTELY stunning! We’re trying to take a picture of the tunnel we had to drive to to get there but the van and tree are in the way.

I made the mistake of wearing those platform sandals again and REGRETS! Who knew cliffside dining involved many different shapes/sizes of stones? My dress is this one. Trust me when I say one of the COOLEST dining experiences ever!

Tuesday morning was another day of the same. I snagged this pic from the gym. Even the gym had gorgeous views.

Tuesday was a little cloudy and overcast so I did the same thing and took my time heading down to the pool. Tab was free in the late afternoon so he met for a bit of pool time before we got ready for the last official dinner.

You’ve seen this dress many times if you’ve read here before. I bought it years ago for a beach trip and it’s one I pull out over and over again. Our dinner was on the beach so I thought it was perfect!

We walked up and spotted this association’s design in the sand!

And then had this cute little Cabo set up right there on the beach.

It was a seafood buffet and time for Tab to officially pass the microphone. If you remember the trip in Santa Barbara last spring, Tab was passed the baton and had to plan this year’s meetings. He did great! And this last dinner was his turn to choose the next person in charge. I’m certain he breathed a few sighs of relief but the event was great!

Wednesday morning he had a few things to wrap up before we had two days of our own relaxation. I found this romper for a cover-up.

We’d booked two nights at the JW Marriott Cabo to check out another property. These were the views from our room.

Another gorgeous resort!

We immediately hit up the pool {this resort didn’t really have a swimmable beach}. This is my hat. I bought it after I had several suits and chose it because it matched. WHY didn’t Tab tell me my hat was crooked?! HA!

We decided to have dinner right there at our resort the first evening. We’d been enjoying LATE dinners so the idea of eating and being in bed early was REALLy appealing. We ate at the sushi restaurant in our resort and were in bed by 9!

Last day, and more gorgeous views of the water…

When I was searching for those cover-ups, I found this dress. It had a tiny little cut out where you could really see nothing, but I thought it was the perfect dress for a little adult only night on vacation. The colors were super vibrant and it was very inexpensive {considering this probably won’t get worn again}.

Our last night we made it to the famous Flora Farms. After experiencing El Huerto after sunset, we knew we wanted to arrive earlier for this dinner. We got there in time to walk around, check out the shops and see it all!

It was absolutely adorable!

We had THE most delicious meal! And even shared the carrot cake to top it off. If you visit, GET THE CARROT CAKE! We’re still talking about it!

And that’s a wrap on Cabo 2024! I have no doubts-we’ll be back!


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