Britt the Graduate

It’s official…today marks the end of the Slaughter preschool days. No more 9:00-2:00 hours, no more over the top celebrations at school, no more donut drop offs for birthdays. Starting today at 2:00 p.m. Miss Britt will officially be a kindergartener. WAAAAHHHH! Someone come hold me. I’m not okay. To commemorate the occasion, I’m taking a look way back at her first day of preschool. This was Britty way back in 2018.

Why does it look like I aged twice as much as she did? hahaha! #motherhood

And because I just can’t help her cuteness, I also documented Day #2 of 2018.

In 2019, this girly was READY for the 3’s class.

And apparently, it’s what I do. Day #2 of 2019.

What a transformation occurred that summer because this is our girly in 2020 ready to tackle Pre-K.

Day #2 of 2020.

And even Day #3. Bahahahaha!

This year Little Miss walked into Transitional Kindergarten with the most confidence I’ve ever seen. She was READY for a great year! And let me tell you, the school year delivered. She was blessed with some amazing teachers, great friends, and lots of learning. I know this might not be the best decision for everyone but decided to hold her back to start kindergarten as a six-year-old was {so far} one of the best parenting decisions we’ve ever made. She matured so much over the last year and it’s just what she needed to tackle elementary school.

This year on Day #2.

And just like that…it was Graduation Day!

Her school had THE sweetest graduation. Instead of the entire group of preschoolers graduating at once, each class had their own ceremony. So our 35 minute graduation was all about the fourteen children in Britt’s class. They sang songs they’ve learned, recited Bible verses, accepted their diplomas {where they hugged their teachers and my heart almost burst}, and then danced their way out of the room. I was laughing and crying all at the same time.

These two teachers have been such a blessing. We absolutely have loved them so much. Britt has learned so much. They’re patient, they’re so kind, and they made everyday so much fun!

Yesterday, all the pre-K’ers paraded around the school for parents and other classes holding signs sharing what elementary school they’ll be attending next year. Such a cute idea!

Our girly was nothing but smiles as she walked by!

Today, she gets to celebrate big with a WATER DAY as her last official day at TK! And I’m already mentally preparing myself for that sendoff in August. I’ll be sobbing as she walks into kindergarten! I should be a professional at sending kids off to school at this point, but I’ll be a mess. Mamas of littles, hug those babies tight. You’ll look up and they’ll all be going off to big school before you know it.

Thanks for reading today, friends!


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  1. 5.12.22
    Elspeth said:

    She’s grown so much!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 5.12.22

    Sweet Britt!!!!! I am so proud of her! She has grown so much this year!!! I just know she’s going to ROCK kindergarten in the fall!

  3. 5.12.22
    Dustie Day said:

    This is so sweet! Congrats Britt! It’s so hard sending that last one to Kinder!

  4. 5.12.22
    Alison said:

    These pictures are so awesome, but they also make me so sad in anticipation of my girl graduating from TK in just a couple weeks. Way to go Britty!!!

  5. 5.13.22
    Sheaffer said:

    ERIKA!!!!! You’re killing me!!!! What a sweet post celebrating Britt! So proud of her and all she’s accomplished!