Almost 14

You guys, I can’t even believe I’m working on this post. Our sweet Ebby Lee turns FOURTEEN YEARS OLD this Easter Sunday. Since Friday Favorites are tomorrow, I’m dedicating today’s short and sweet post {I don’t need to embarrass her} to this girly of mine.

It’s true what they say about the days being long but the years being so very short. However, I’d say with older kids who are all in school even our days are flying by now. The thought of having just four and a half more years with Ebby Lee in our house before she leaves the nest makes my heart hurt. So I’m really trying NOT to think about it while simultaneously trying to make the most out of each and every day.

Ebby Lee’s arrival absolutely rocked our world. When I get asked about what number of kids was the hardest transition…1-2, 2-3, etc. I ALWAYS say, “0-1”. Tab and I were used to going to bed when we were tired, sleeping ALL night, and not being on anyone else’s schedule. That ALL changed when this precious girl entered the world. And we’re so glad it did by the way! {It just took us a minute to adjust!}

She’s sweet, super responsible, caring, kind, very loyal, loves Jesus, loves her friends, and is growing up right before my very eyes. She’s found a new love of all things organization, still loves those Cincinnati Bengals, is so excited about cheering in high school, and has begun to “borrow” many of my things.

What’s that saying about teenage daughters being like a broke best friend who thinks you’re rich? Well, I’d say fourteen-year-olds are right in the thick of that. 😉

It’s such an honor to get to be her mom and to have the privilege of seeing all that God has in store for her life right here in my front row seat. I know she’s gonna do great things and I’m praying year FOURTEEN is her best one yet!

Tab and I are chauffeuring ten girls to dinner out tomorrow night and then ending with cake at our house to celebrate. It’s gonna be FUN {and loud-ha!}!

We love you big, Ebby Lee!


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