Almost 13

Here we go again with another kid of mine growing up WAY too fast! Nixon Talbot entered our lives THIRTEEN years ago tomorrow. He brought this competitive edge to our family we didn’t even know was missing.

Nixon loves sports, hanging with friends, watching sports, playing sports…hahaha…see a theme? I love the young man he’s turning into right before my very eyes.

This adorable face has always been my feisty child. We always joke about the time Tab, Nixon and I attended Nixon’s Kindergarten Round-Up. That night where you get to introduce your nervous five-year-old to the kindergarten classrooms and teachers. When Nixon sat quietly at the carpet during his first session of introductions, I CRIED in the back of the classroom. Tab looked over like WHY are you crying? And I told him that I was so relieved he was listening and obeying! Like CRIED in the back of the kindergarten classroom! If I think too much about this story, I could cry again. He was my TOUGH toddler/preschooler. Moms of littles, if you have a tough one…stick with it. There’s light at the end of those toddler/preschooler days. {I’m afraid I’m about to enter a new dark tunnel with two teenagers. haha! But I promise there’s light after that first tunnel.}

Can you even believe this picture was taken JUST one year ago? Where did that baby face go?

Happy Happy Birthday Nix! I’m so thankful God chose me to be his mom. I can’t wait to see what this THIRTEENTH year brings. Praying it’s his best yet! I love you big, Nixy!

*I’m sharing a day early because it’s Let’s Look tomorrow so if you see Nixon tomorrow, please wish him a Happy Birthday! Thank you!*


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  1. 4.11.23
    Elspeth said:

    Happy happy birthday!! Love seeing the older photos!

  2. 4.11.23

    Oh that sweet boy! I just love this kid so much! I still chuckle at your kindergarten round up story myself. I never had any doubts. Nixon Slaughter is one of a kind 🙂 !

  3. 4.11.23
    Amy Heinl said:

    Happy Birthday Nixon. Enjoy your special day

  4. 4.11.23
    Kelly Bonner said:

    Thank you for sharing the story about kindergarten. As a kindergarten teacher & mom to a little boy who is my tough one, it gives me hope. ❤️

    • 4.12.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh Kelly! I’ve got a good feeling about your little one!

  5. 4.20.23
    chelsa said:

    This is super random, but do you have a link for his shorts in that first picture- the gray nike ones.

    • 4.25.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Hi Chelsa! Those shorter Nike shorts are tough to find. I’ve found several for him when I search for “nike tennis shorts” because apparently tennis shorts are a bit shorter than most Nike sells on their website. Good luck!!