A Grateful November Challenge

And just like that Halloween fun is over….


I’m not sure if it’s my age, my kids’ ages or the fact I realize time is flying by right in front of my eyes, but this season I’m hoping to savor each and every family moment, each twinkling light, each Christmas movie, each special meal, each scripture read, each present opened, every little thing about the holiday season….my prayer is I savor them all.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been contemplating on how to be more grateful this November. What can I do personally and even as a mom to get my kids to reflect on these next 30 days with more gratitude and thanksgiving in their hearts?

Enter the Grateful November Challenge!

If you’re like me, my busy mama heart can’t take anything that’s gonna require me to cut out ornaments or remember to add leaves to bathroom mirrors each evening. Don’t get me wrong, if those work for you, DO IT! I just can’t seem to add anything like that to my plate this season because I know myself. I’ll get two weeks in and will forget to finish.

This is what we’re doing in our house this month…we’re simply sharing three things we’re thankful for each day. All the Slaughters are going to participate. Some nights we’ll share around the dinner table, other nights we’ll discuss before bed, and I’m sure there will be nights with the big kids where we’re sending our responses via the family group text. It doesn’t have to require much in the way of adding anything to our plates other than helping to shift our focus this season on ALL THAT WE HAVE.

If you don’t think your family will want to participate, ask a friend if you can text them before bed each night or in every morning. Find someone to share with and simply tell them three things you’re thankful for each and every day this month.

I’ll go first…

#1 I’m thankful for ALL of YOU who pop into read my blog in this little space. I know your time is precious and I appreciate you taking minutes out of your day to check in. I appreciate that so very much. Many of you have prayed for my family throughout the years and many will message me to check in if I’m MIA in this space. Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you!

#2 Yesterday was Nixon’s last 8th grade football game. It just so happened to also land on Halloween night so a group of mom’s decided to help them “go out with a bang”. We decorated the locker room with balloons and football decor and then fed them a game day breakfast as well. My big thankful moment is we just sent a few texts inviting other moms to help us and those mamas showed up! They came to decorate, they came to serve breakfast, and they sent in donations. I’m so thankful I get to be a part of that group of moms and “sit in the stands” {so to speak} alongside them as our boys move on to high school.

#3 To add to last night, I wish I could have split up to be in three places last night. Since Halloween fell on a Tuesday, it was also Nixon’s last game day of the year! Bowen wanted to trick or treat with friends {I get it, he’s in 5th grade now!}. And Marla offered to trick or treat with Britt around our neighborhood while I watched Nixon. The list of people I could add in this number three spot are long…Bowen’s friends who were so happy to have him during trick-or-treating, Marla for happily trick-or-treating with Britt, and other friends who heard my dilemma and offered to have my kids join their trick-or-treating as well. Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!

My prayer for my family {as well as all of yours} is that we enter this holiday season full of thanksgiving.

Happy November 1st, Friends!

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