5 on Friday

It’s Friday!!  Tab was out of town this week and I am SO GLAD it’s Friday!   We’re looking forward to a great Easter weekend!  Hope you are too!  Here are today’s 5…

#1 Nixon’s Easter party
Yesterday, Nixon’s class had an egg hunt and a picnic lunch.

I was CRACKING up at Nixon’s “basket”.  It was the Cars bag!  hahaha!  We waited until yesterday morning to find his basket and it’s MIA!!!

I grabbed the boys a Happy Meal and they were in heaven!

#2 Public Service Announcement…I almost didn’t go up to Nixon’s lunch.  It was right in the middle of the day.  The teachers had told me only one parent had said they were coming.  I had things I needed to get done at home and some errands to run.  But…Wednesday night the lady who teaches our study at church talked about “Quality Time” as a love language.  She also talked about how it’s important to spend focused attention with each kid.  I had “mom guilt” during the class and decided I should go to his lunch the next day.  Who cares about the laundry, right?  LADIES…listen to this!!  Yesterday…in the middle of the boys eating their lunch and our table talking about what cartoons are their favorites, Nixon leans over to me (at school) and whispers, “Mom, I love you”.  I MELTED!! 

Mamas, today let the laundry pile up a little or sit your cell phone down…who knows what your distraction might be, but ALL these little moments are slowly passing us by!  We only have a SMALL amount of time with our kiddos…don’t take these moments for granted!!  Okay…thanks for letting me rant!

#3 Johnny from Y & R
I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been told Johnny from Young & the Restless looks like Bowen.  Think it has a LOT to do with the haircut!  ha!  But…check out Johnny’s shirt from Wednesday’s episode!

Now…check out Nixon’s shirt!!  hahaha!  Apparently Genoa City has a Gap too or Victoria Newman enjoys online shopping as well!  ha!

I looked to see if they still had the shirt in stock.  This is the only color option they had left…super cute!

#4 Birchbox
I blogged about my love for Birchbox here.  I just received my April box and thought it’d be fun to share my goodies with you.  Here are this month’s treasures…Color Club nail polish, Yogini by Harvey Prince, Number 4 High Performance Clarifying Shampoo (and I got a bonus reconstructing masque as well), Sumitas eyeliner, and a KIND healthy grain bar.  Super fun!!  I can’t wait to try it all!!

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I love that for only $10, I get to sample products and then I can purchase anything I truly love.
You need to check it out!!  I’m seriously like a kid on Christmas when it arrives!!  haha!

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#5  Nixon Celebrates AGAIN!
M & G took Nixon out last night to celebrate his birthday.  He chose the restaurant AND they let him choose his own birthday gifts!!  He had a GREAT time!!

Hope you guys have a GREAT Easter weekend!!

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  1. 4.18.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Awwww! Love that story about Nix! Mama moments like they are so great!

  2. 4.18.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am so glad you "ranted". Although instead of ranting, I actually think you gave some really good and wonderful advice. You are exactly right, these little moments are slipping by! We must enjoy them all!

  3. 4.18.14
    Unknown said:

    Such a great reminder about precious time with our kids, thank you for that. Nixon is obviously giving Ebby Lee some competition in the fashion department. How fun his exact shirt was on TV.

  4. 4.18.14
    Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said:

    Aww, this about made me cry! My little boy is heading off to college soon, graduation is in 7 weeks and I'm freaking out!!! Enjoy those precious moments.

  5. 4.18.14
    Anonymous said:

    Aw! So glad you went to that lunch! The laundry will still be there tomorrow!:)

  6. 4.18.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    It is funny how a few simple words from our kids can melt your heart and change your outlook!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  7. 4.18.14
    JMO said:

    Ha! Love the matching shirt and love Nixon's Easter basket! 😉

  8. 4.18.14
    Liz/ said:

    Loved this post and your little "rant", such a perfect reminder to cherish these sweet moments when they are little. My 4 year old daughter's best nervous habit when we are at a place she is feeling a little shy is to say "mom, I love you" and it's about the cutest thing ever. She was getting her haircut the other day by a new stylist to her and while she was in the chair and the lady was trying to talk to her she would look at me and say "mom, i love you"…funny nervous habit but I'll take it!!!

  9. 4.18.14
    Kristen said:

    very well said! love all the pics – have a great weekend 🙂

  10. 4.18.14
    Rebecca said:

    Sweet, great post today! Just what we busy mom as need to hear! I know I'm guilty & time slips away so quickly…my kiddos are in 1st & 4th grade already.

    Have a lovely Easter with your family!

    :). rebecca

  11. 4.18.14
    Chandra said:

    Such a good reminder to mamas, even new mamas like me! I was reading this while nursing and rocking my little boy back to sleep this morning and just when I got to the "rant" his little hand grabbed mine in his sleep. Umm..tear! I think he totally agrees with you!

  12. 4.19.14
    Simply Suzannes at Home said:

    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your children are darling!
    New to your blog. Happy to have found you :0)
    Have a great weekend and a Happy, Happy Easter,