You Asked…Part 4


Answering more of you questions!   Hope you guys aren’t crazy bored of these posts just yet.  🙂

If you’ve missed any Q and A posts so far, 

*How do you deal with stress?*
Hmmmm…..sometimes I cry, sometimes I eat something not-so-good for myself, sometimes I veg out and watch a guilty pleasure show, and other times I tackle whatever it is that’s stressing me out.  It depends on the situation, but I’ve been known to do all of the above.  🙂

*Do you often use a babysitter/nanny?*
I learned YEARS ago when Tab was gone every weekend during the fall that sometimes for my sanity I need to get out of the house.  When Bowen came along, I utilized babysitters more than I had previously.  Apparently, three kids caused me to need a break more often! hahaha!  I think everyone needs a break from time to time so knowing when to grab a sitter is great for all moms!

*What are your go-to dinners?*
Oh, I like this one!

Tacos happen a lot around here…spicy corn and chicken tacos, bbq chicken tacos, and spinach pesto baked tacos are all some of our faves.

We’re also big fans of anything with rice…chicken caesar rice bowls and beef and rice skillet supper are both big hits.

And two others that must be mentioned are the slightly sweet sloppy joes{everyone loves these} and pumpkin sausage pasta.

Okay, I have some random side dishes to mention…

My entire family loves this salad and it makes those chicken caesar rice bowls above SO EASY!

My kids are pretty -eh about this one, but I’ve been buying frozen cut okra, throwing it on a sheet pan with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roasting it.  Tab and I are huge fans.  It’s SO GOOD! 

*Do you have any planner tips?*
You should use a travel agent!  That’s my planner tip!  We make things SO easy…for real!  E-mail us at  We’d love to help!

*How have the older kids adjusted to having Britt?*
They are WRAPPED around her finger!  Ha!  They are smitten, all in love, and do whatever she tells them to do.  They’ve all adjusted so very well.  She fits in perfectly….no one has been jealous or had any issues with not being the baby, only girl, etc.  I’ve mentioned before she prefers to sleep with Nixon every night.  I’m 99% sure it’s because Ebby Lee would pull out an older sister voice and tell her, “it’s time for bed”, but Nixon lets her jump on the bed and be crazy for a few minutes.  #brothers  

*House updates?*
I don’t have anything fun to report.  I was SET and ready to get another project started but since Tab switched jobs earlier this year we decided to give it a year before we tackled a house project.  It seemed like the responsible thing to do.  🙂  Hopefully, as he rounds out his first year, we’ll get started on something soon.  I vote kitchen and I don’t think he’s ready just yet for THAT big of a project so we might have to compromise.  I’ll keep you posted.

*How’d you know Tab was the one for you?*
When Tab and I started dating, it was so easy.  I remember thinking, “this is how it’s supposed to be-easy!”.  Prior to Tab, I dated some guys who just weren’t that into me {the best way to say it} so they didn’t call when they said they would, didn’t plan anything special ever, etc.  Tab and I just clicked and everything about us dating was easy.  I’d heard people say that if dating someone was hard…just WAIT until you’re married.  That little sentence stuck with me and I was happy to have found my guy.

We also had fun together no matter what we were doing!  He’s my very best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and I LOVE getting to spend my days and nights with him.  Even if he does leave his dirty socks in the floor.  😉

*When you have a bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?*
Probably the exact same things I do as when I’m stressed…I might treat myself to dessert, watch a guilty pleasure show, or cancel the dinner I was making and take the family OUT for dinner.  #cleankitchen

Almost nightly, I take a bath while I read my book.  It’s the best way to grab a little “me time”.

Thanks so much for reading today, friends!

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  1. 11.6.18
    Lauren D said:

    I love these posts!

  2. 11.6.18
    Kelly S said:

    I LOVE these posts- thanks for doing them.

  3. 11.6.18
    Kathy Olson said:

    I do the very same thing with okra. Sometimes I coat it with a little cornmeal as well, and then drizzle with olive oil. I grew up with fried okra, so this is pretty close:)

  4. 11.6.18
    Tractors and Glam Blog said:

    I love these posts! We are taco fans too, when all else fails tacos or take out.