It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year-Planning for the Season

I can’t even believe it’s time for this, but you guys…it’s HERE!  Today, I’m going all Hobby Lobby on you again…for the second time this month!  I’m skipping over a very important holiday {we love you too, Thanksgiving!} to talk Christmas.

Last year, I did a blog post about what I do to get ready and plan for the upcoming Christmas season, and you guys seemed so appreciative.  So, it’s BACK!  Hopefully, after this post…you guys will remind me what I’m forgetting and you’ll read about something you’d forgotten too.  🙂

*North Pole Breakfast Supplies*
I know some of you go ALL OUT!  I like to keep ours pretty simple, but I do order festive PAPER goods, a little treat for our elf to bring, and I grab donuts, strawberries, and milk when the time is right.

*Address Labels*
I ordered some last year and this made my Christmas-card-addressing SO MUCH EASIER!  Why have I not been doing this all those years?!  I ordered mine right from Shutterfly-if there isn’t a “deal” at the moment, then I’d wait a week or two.  #theresalwaysadeal

*Shop Online*
Last year, I did 99% of my shopping online.  Now, it made for a super full recycling bin, BUT it made my Christmas shopping SO EASY!

*Write it DOWN*
You guys!  I take a mental inventory of all the things we like to do during the holiday season…visit Santa, look at Christmas lights, etc.  I keep our December calendar SUPER DETAILED so I can add things on free nights.  {This is my planner this year.}

Something else I began writing down is where I stashed gifts.  I try to split them up and hide them in various locations but every once in a while I’ll find a gift I completely missed at Christmas!  Now, I write them down.

*Remember the REASON*
It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the twinkling lights and festive decor and forget the real reason we’re celebrating.  

Becky Kiser and I met a few years ago through mutual friends on social media.  She is such a sweet soul and truly desires for women to know and grow closer to God daily.  She specializes in helping us during those holidays {when things can feel CRAZY!}.  She just released a book, Sacred Holidays, where she highlights ways to have LESS CHAOS, MORE JESUS during the holidays {and not just Christmas…Easter, Halloween, and more}!  This would make a GREAT gift for any woman in your life, hostess gift for Thanksgiving, teacher gift, and more!  You won’t be disappointed!

Last year, I read this book, Loving Your Actual Christmas, prior to the Christmas season.  This one was a GREAT read right before Christmas.  The author shares her experience in living in the moment rather than being engulfed in parties, presents, and post office trips.  I’d recommend this one too!

*Advent Calendars*
In the past, our Elf has brought each kid an Advent Calendar.  I’m changing it up this year.  To be honest, only Bowen and Ebby Lee get excited about this every morning.  So, our elf is going to bring a girl calendar and a boy calendar this year.

*Christmas Books*
Now that Bowen is in kindergarten and Britt can actually sit through an entire book, we’re reading a lot more in our house.  I snagged a couple someone mentioned to me for the upcoming Christmas season.  A Child is Born, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Tummey, and The Legend of the Christmas Cookie.

*Christmas Decor*
Every year I try to snag a couple new things and then slowly change out the old.  Last year, you guys told me to buy a new tree on December 26th and at that point I was so over it all that I didn’t do it!  Now, I’m living with regret and KNOW I HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE ON DECEMBER 26TH, 2018!  In the mean time, I’ll drown my sorrows with a new plaid pillow and a throw.  #thankyoupotterybarn  Have you seen all the new holiday goodies at Pottery Barn?  CUTE!

*Christmas Pajamas*
Christmas pajamas are some of my absolute favorite things.  For the kiddos and for myself.  🙂 

I rounded up some of my favorites and at the time I’m working on this post ALL are 50% off!  I always buy Christmas pajamas in November so we are SET on Thanksgiving night.  I’m thinking this year-we might have to bust them out a little early.

Gap Plaid…so cute!

Okay, friends…what am I forgetting?  What should I be tackling now in order to sit back and relax in December?  Please SHARE!


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  1. 11.5.18
    All About That Mommy Life said:

    Love this! I am so ready for all things Christmas too and this makes me want to get organized. Happy Monday!


  2. 11.5.18
    Unknown said:

    Do you have a store you love to buy Adult petite PJ's? I'm 5 feet and finding cute PJ's is really hard!!

  3. 11.5.18
    LCC said:

    I love address labels for holiday cards but an even bigger time saver is a stamp! A few years ago I invested in a personalized return address stamp and it is awesome! On sale maybe it was 25 dollars and it still hasn't run out of ink! I'm not even sure where the ink comes from. But I love it and looks so nice on Christmas cards!

  4. 11.5.18
    LifeintheBlender said:

    I love the book suggestions – for both adults and kids! – especially about staying present and living in the moment. Nothing is worse then getting through the holiday season and feeling like you missed some of it from being busy. Also, read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomy ahead of time to yourself so you can get the tears out before reading it to your kiddos! It’s one of my favorites, but also a total tear jerker!

    A few more things to remember:
    -Our post office sends out a mail-order option for holiday stamps this month but if yours doesn’t do that then you can buy those early too!
    -I meal prep a few freezer meals this month (pot roast, chili, a chicken dish) so I can throw them in my crockpot for those busier December days
    -Deep clean your house! It’s so nice to get this out of the way in novemeber!

  5. 11.5.18
    Tractors and Glam Blog said:

    I love the book suggestions. Those pajamas are so cute. I also love address labels, what a time saver. Have a great Monday!